Carousel — Week Ending 10th October 2008

Good moooorning! Welcome to the Land of Distraction, population: you!

If you’re going to Paris, you should look at Fashion Traveler. It maps out all the high-end boutiques, how convenient!

Pretty girls shot by Catherine Servel.

Herman Hesse for life.

I found out about The Selby through Nubby. It’s a bunch of photographic tours of the homes of creative people, & it’s fantastic! Of all the homes featured, I like Alexander Wang‘s the best. God, he has great taste.

Dear, Paris! & p.s. this is why you moved to Paris. — very appropriate collages from MissDIOR Couture. Pretty, pretty!

French Vogue Does The Hokey Cokey from Coco’s Tea Party. This made me laugh out loud. I love it!

I want to hang out in the Côte d’Azur. But mostly I just want this dress.

Vanity Fair pin-up girls, ooh la la! (Merci, Nadine!)

Lani sent me a link to the Cake Wrecks blog & I laughed so hard I had to look away because the people I was sitting near actually asked me, “Are you high?”. Verge of hyperventilation, I swear. Oh my god, it is SO FUNNY.

DJ Z-Trip made an Obama mix!

Diana Vreeland I love you always.

Marguerite Sauvage draws pretty pictures (& has a cool name to boot).

New York Magazine’s Best of Paris: Our Top Twenty Looks. You don’t need to know the nitty-gritty of the runway, no no! Just look at the best stuff!

Resistance is NOT Futile. Please Register & Vote. If I was an American citizen, you bet I would.

modfetish is a compendium of erotica, updated all the time! & do I need to say it? It is not safe for work! (Beware the almighty bosom!)

This! (Thanks, Jami!)

My friend Craig from Altamira NYC was in Paris recently shooting street style at the shows, & he got some amazing pictures! Go have a look. Ogle & stare & gawk & admire!

I know a whole lot of you will remember my amazing psychedelic licorice-strap ring by CHAPTER from my fab friends at Tokyomade! Well, you see, soon after I wrote about it, Tokyomade was cleaned out of CHAPTER rings! They were ferociously snapped up by fashionistas all over the globe! But the good news is thus — CHAPTER Motherload! Just look at that picture! Yummy!

I love Fake Karl.

“When you look at the Chanel logo, it talks to you. That’s why people buy Chanel: not because of my perfect, impeccable design but because Chanel talks to people. I enjoy going to my current wardrobe and feeling the fabric, the seams, the logo of the pants and shirts and collars. I enjoy licking my sunglasses. I enjoy eating the old ties I do not need anymore. No calories.”

I love Madonna, too. Watch the whole thing!

Alright, gorgeous. Enjoy your Friday! Be sure to make merry!