Carousel: Week Ending 11th December 2009


Style Section L.A. is really great & the writing is smart & clean. Read up!

I love Rita Konig, she is so clever & insightful. These columns are extra-good: Sweet Dreams (how wonderful does that bed look?!) & Let’s Eat In. She writes perfect, cozy things for cold days. Also it makes me happy to think that she lives in New York City.

Trixie + Peanut is the cutest shop ever. LOOK! Crocodile dog costume, shark attack hoodie & leap-frog dog hoodie ahhhhhh. I NY!!! Notorious D.O.G.!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay I’m done.

Why Fewer Blog Comments Aren’t Bad (and How to Get What You Really Want) from Seeing Good.

10 Proposals for Fixing the E-Mail Glut. I love this & would like to implement all of it.

The 6 Weirdest, Scariest Processed Foods. “Once upon a time, some brave scientists had a noble dream of ridding food of nutrients. That dream is closer to reality than ever.” This article is quite horrifying. Did you know that the filling in an Oreo is basically sugar-flavoured Crisco? Ugh. Read this & wake up to the truth of what you’re really eating, ESPECIALLY if you live in America. Read the comments too.

Also: oh my god. UGH.

I am linking this because it is the best & most beautiful news headline I have read: Monster Black Holes May Grow in Giant Star Cocoons.

Filament #3 is out & I’m in it! They say, “Comic writer Warren Ellis, New York society gal Gala Darling and Author Zoe Margolis guest on our advice columns.” I say, “Filament is awesome, buy it.”

Are you part of The New Aristocracy?

From You Are Remarkable: a hardcore romanticism & one year:

“remember that every day contains a universe of potential; exhaust it. live & love so intensely that when death comes there is nothing left for him to take. wealth is love, music, sports, learning, family, and freedom. above all, stay gold.”

Social Media Freeze Up is a blah title for a GREAT article on blogging, focusing on something we all struggle with at some point or another.

I LOVE Inès de la Fressange’s house. Gary Card & Henderson McCue’s place is pretty colourful too.

P.O.S. live at the MTV Woodie Awards! & don’t forget to vote for him in the SPIN polls! I love Jigga & everything but he isn’t as much fun to eat a burger with as Stef. Vote vote vote! VOTE! Thanks 😀

There is a strange spiral thingie in Norway! In the sky! Um, cool. Scary. What?!

Chris Pirillo kills it at Le Web with this talk about community, passion, blogging, social media, etc. Seriously good.

Dr Sketchy’s has a Tumblr full of art & yummies for yer eyeballs.

TeuxDeux is an amazing free application. I have just started using it & love it! I would love to be able to customise the colours but that’s just because I am picky. Try it out, fun times!

Sante D’Orazio’s ‘Barely Private’ exhibition looks cool.

Mmmmm, hot chocolate on a spoon, though as one clever commenter pointed out, you can easily make your own. The perfect Christmas present? I think so. Actually, that blog, giverslog, is brill.

Santa, NO! (What?!)

Danny Devito is on Twitter. I love his profile picture, hahaha.

I need these. I’m gonna re-align your chakras motherf!cker! My love for you is a great blog too!

Can I have this for Christmas please?

Sub-studio‘s gift guides organised by colour are fantastic! Just browse through the front page to see ’em.

The facts about bottled water. !!!

You need a real woman in your life, that’s a good look, taking care, home is still fly, that’s a good look, I’m gonna help you build up your account, that’s a good look, better yet a hood look, ladies that’s a good look. When you’re in them big meetings for the mils, that’s a good look, it take me just to complement the deal, that’s a good look, anything you cop I’ll split the bill, that’s a good look, better yet a hood look, believe me, ladies that’s a good look. Partner let me upgrade you, Audemars Piguet you, switch your necktie to purple labels, upgrade you, I can up, can I up, let me upgrade you, partner let me upgrade you, partner let me upgrade you. Flip a new page, introduce you to some new things & upgrade you, I can up, can I up, let me upgrade you, partner let me upgrade you…

I love Beyonce! She is so excellent.

Check out the fashion; mind-blowing.

Un petit blast from the past.

Okay, I’m done. Have an incredible weekend!