Carousel — Week Ending 11th January 2008

Truly a bumper edition of Carousel! Phew! Click away, cuties!

Great mash-ups! Best of Bootie 2007, all free to download. I especially like Placebo vs. Pet Shop Boys vs. Kate Bush!

Underwater sculpture! These are beautiful & quite incredible. Thank you, Miss Emma!

Fantastic news! Rachel Zoe is coming to a telly near you! This will be really insightful viewing, mark my words!

On the subject of Ms. Zoe, here’s her house — on the market. It’s interesting to look at it — it doesn’t seem very “personal”, know what I mean?

Pantone has selected a “colour for 2008” — blue iris. Pretty! & it’s the exact colour of my hair! COINCIDENCE? I think not! (Thanks, Tricia!)

Coilhouse presents… artificial lumiescent eyelashes! They would be great for clubbing — light your way to the bar! Ooh! They also did a little piece on delicious book autopsies. Yum.

Bobby Burgess is, & always has been, totally awesome.

Fireworks in Oslo! (Long story short: in Norway, it’s so cold that they don’t have one big fireworks display that everyone goes to see. Instead, people let off fireworks in their own backyard. Someone happened to take a photo at the stroke of midnight on new year’s eve, & here’s what you could see!)

31 Days To Better Energy, from Limes & Lycopene (recommended to me recently!). Lots of great ideas here from an Australian nutritionist. God, I love information sharing. The internet is SO COOL! She also asks, are you really too busy?

My Life In Fashion, an article on Daphne Guiness — who I discovered through a magnificent piece on Glam & Tonic!

Fashionable Fellows — men’s style dissected by the mavens at

Dachshund handbags! OOH. Obsession flaring!

Beautiful photographs by Kim Kyung Soo for Vogue Korea.

Australia’s Most Romantic Destinations. Ooh, decrepit castles in rainforests! Eeee, nomadic but modern tents in the desert!

Beloved is iCiNG’s sponsor of the week, so pay them a visit! Beloved is a small boutique stocking the cream of the Australian fashion crop! My picks? Grace Sun’s Tulip Dress, Laurence Pasquier’s Athena Silk Dress, & Natasha’s Butterfly Print Kimono Dress. They’re all totally gorgeous, sexy, elegant pieces, & even better? They’re all ON SALE — & if you use the discount code ICING, you’ll get an additional 10% off!

Fluoro piglets!

Marilyn’s Last Sitting by Bert Stern.

Steampunk boys with high collars, top hats, scarves & ruffles. Rawr!

I love Violet Blue. Here’s her weekly column, How To Have Sex Like A Porn Star. Be warned — it is crass & pretty ugly, but at least it’s the truth!

Tina Su presents: A Guide To Happiness Via Self-Forgiveness.

Let The Real You Shine Through, with the Telegraph’s fashion guru, Hilary Alexander.

E! (snore) on raw foodism. Totally interesting, even though David Wolfe gives me the creeps. Notice that all the raw foodists glow & the dietician… doesn’t!

Tarina Tarantino shop opening & party, in 4 parts!

Happy Friday!