Carousel: Week Ending 11th June 2010


Ambien makes you do strange things

Will doing EVERYTHING my wife tells me turn me into the most perfect husband? from the Daily Mail. What do you think? If your lover did everything you asked, without any arguments, would you enjoy that or lose respect for them?

Elliott Burford did this great series where he illustrated the subject lines of spam he received. “Satisfy her with your giant” is my favourite! So funny.

I love Wildfox Couture, & even though I don’t love children (haha!), their kids line is great & the photographs are divine.

Sarah Wilson on mindful eating. If you’re a foodie, you’ve ever had an eating disorder (whether that’s eating too much or too little), or if you just love Sarah (comme moi!) you should read this one. Additionally, we had dinner together on Sunday night at Pure Food & Wine & we did our best to be mindful!

The Realities of Running Your Own Business: Do you have what it takes? by Erin Pavlina.

Gay? Whatever, Dude from New York Times. This article makes me really happy!

Huge rocks in Death Valley mysteriously move really far, all on their own. No one knows how, because no one’s ever seen it happen. The world is full of incredible things!

The Home Office is Humming from This article is great, all about staying disciplined & motivated when working from home.

Danielle La Porte, who I ADORE, writes 11 things to do & not do when you’re burned out.

Angel drops a QUEERBOMB! & it explodes, showering glitter everywhere!

Tamera’s cabin in Vermont is so cozy & perfect.

Alexandra Franzen is the ish. I can say this with authority because we had a boozy lunch a few weeks ago & it was a good time. She asks, what’s your “plan z”?

Kim Joon’s Naked Body Art is probably not safe for work, but rad anyway!

Yuli Ziv, professional cleverclogs, on Private Sales, Gambling and Dangers of Innovation.

My friend Asami designs cute jewellery & her website just went live this week!


hi gala

recently i’ve been having a really rough time with my relationship. inspired by your radical self love notion, i wrote myself a get better manifesto and wanted to share it

walk. take deep breaths. take up yoga. take up trapeze. take up running. learn a language. find your comfort food in markets, in things that live and grow and not things that come in plastic or styrofoam. take long baths. go somewhere alone, spontaneously. meditate. be open, not cynical. lean on people. get a tattoo that represents this moment, this lesson, and let the pain be cathartic. buy yourself a drink. hold your own hand and take yourself home. buy yourself a beautiful piece of jewellery and promise to always be your own best friend. be near animals. be near water. ride your bike with the wind and walk barefoot in the grass or sand. sing. dance. do both in your underwear while you vacuum. bake cupcakes. indulge yourself with wine and cheese and quince paste. watch the stars. notice the moon. recognise that the universe never gives you more than you can andle, and remember that YOU ARE ENOUGH.



Attack Of The Brands: ‘Logorama’ Takes Global Advertising To Task. This video will blow your mind!

The Hugmobile is sick! & not sick as in rad, though it is rad, sick as in needs help! John does so much good work with the Hugmobile, if you could even spare $5 it would really, really help him out.

I love this paper plane installation!

Miranda Kerr is a saucy tart. The photos are not safe for work, though! Beware the nipple!

This t-shirt is genius!

I’m Under Arrest for What? America has weird laws. Let’s all move to Idaho!

Fantastic new thing from Kayak: Where can I fly for how much? Brill for anyone who wants to do a little travelling over the summer.

Bindu Wiles is doing this great project called 21.5.800. I wish I had known when it started, but it’s not too late!

For 21 days, we’ll be doing 5 days of yoga a week and 800 words of writing per day.

@notitles tweeted me today saying, “The oil spill has motivated me to seriously address my oil usage and start this project:” Superb.

Oh my! Nicole Dextras’ Weedrobes project is beautiful! Start here! Thanks, KTFoo!

A cupcake engagement shoot from Rock ‘n Roll Bride!

This gave me tingles. I came out to my anti-gay family. The only problem is – I’m straight. Thank you, @curiousitykate!

Suffering From Shopping Shame by Stylish Thought! (I have some posts about this lined up for next week!)

College Fashion wants you to root for your team in style! I am actually kind of excited about the World Cup, which is so unlike me! Too bad she didn’t include New Zealand, hee!

I can’t read Dutch but I love the pictures this girl posts!

I’ve linked to Rabbit Write before, she is a smart girl who writes brave things. This is no different: When you have to get an abortion.

Happy to be Nappy, about accepting your hair the way it is. I love this piece!

Pictures of NYC in the 1970s! The first few don’t work but scroll down & there are lots of them, & they’re fabulous!

How to get started with Lomography. The perfect summer hobby!

Kiyasu (who is so sweet, & sends me the loveliest emails) writes about what she’s learning with the law of attraction. She also said,

By the way, even though I’ve told you this already, I just wanted to say it again: I’m still really grateful for your podcast. I re-read it the other day (when I encountered a series of “positive coincidences” one after another and another in a row!!), and I really had a nodding moment with your part about the serendipity. THANK YOU for putting that little definition of “serendipity” because if you didn’t, I probably wouldn’t have noticed SO MUCH about my life the other day. I had a lot of signs from the universe that day. That serendipity part in Love & Sequins #9 really gave me so much more confidence than EVER. Living in a state of gratitude is one of the most amazing feelings ever! I have SO MUCH to write in my gratitude journal every day (my version of TiLT that is written in every single day, ha ha!) that I kind of don’t want to write in it any more (I’m behind A LOT of days in my gratitude journal), ha ha. 😛

I’m so happy for you, & thanks girl!

Mid-Summer Check-Up – 42 Fun Activities to Give Your Vacation a Boost! Yes please!

Pretty Starry Nights is a lovely collection of quotes. (I am a total quote collector! I actually have a text file which is ALL quotes & I add to it constantly!)

Ahhhhh! This nonpareil is a toy designer & her blog is SO cute & rad!

What if 500 Days Of Summer was a thriller?

Fairytale fashion show!