Carousel — Week Ending 12th December 2008

Yay! Friday! Aaaaaaaalright!

Steve Pavlina writes about calibration.


I’m not like the other girls. Also, I got new shoes.

twittervision is kinda cool.

Lemonade Poem is one of my new favourite LJ communities. I especially like their Sunday Sundries posts!

Advice To Sink In Slowly: great posters for £5 a pop! My favourites include work outside, words are not enough & work hard make beautiful things.

I really love Ask Nicole. Especially this post: Iceberg Lettuce, Alaska & a Nymphomaniac.

Oh, do you know Angeliska? She is lovely. Friend of friends. One day I will meet her in person & we will make big eyes at one another. But until then I very much enjoy globules of black honey from her bee-long. Oh yes.

Angeline Melin is my new favourite fashion illustrator! She is fabulous!

Circus, Circus, the progression of Britney Spears at Pretty Much Amazing! I don’t care for Britney but this feature piece is really interesting from a sociological viewpoint.

RIP HunterFrom PostSecret.(Also, buy one of the books.)

La Fraise have cute shirts.

Violet Blue has a new project: Violet Blue’s San Francisco. I can’t think of a better virtual tour guide, can you?

My Summer Adventures In Juice Cleansing by Sarma.

My Love Calculator is weird & great at the same time.

Jake showed me this.It made me laugh very much.

I’m going to feel like a loser at my high-school reunion. Cary Tennis tackles the big problems, oh yes he do.

I was celibate for 15 years from Salon.

Zombie Fashion Models Show Off More Than Skin !!! So cool!

Someone made a mixtape of an old Valentine’s Day playlist I wrote about.

It’s A Wonderful Orgasm: Violet Blue’s guide to frisky holiday gifts!

Elyse Sewell is by far the best, coolest, most awesome thing ever to come out of America’s Next Top Model. (Jade would be my second runner-up, I think.)

Miss Dior Cherie is my most often worn perfume… & when I wear it, I feel exactly like this.

Have a fantastic weekend, but remember to come back for the Solestruck, Lucid New York & Mike Dooley giveaways! Wooooooooooooo!