Carousel — Week Ending 12th June 2009

It’s a pipsqueak today!

Down & Dirty Designs is having a colouring contest! Fun!

Twitter on Paper. Oh my. (Thanks, s.!)

Stop Talking Yourself Out Of Things. Big ups Sean Bonner!

This piece was written by an intersexed woman & it is VERY interesting.

You Are Jeff by Richard Siken. I like this poem. It is mind-bendy.

The Vampire & The Nun from Oyster. Helloooooo beautiful.

Yeah, old man… Too funny.

Ruven Afanador is an amazing photographer. Yes please!

Photos of Coco Chanel. “The androgynous look works well here, should you ever be stuck for an outfit when boar-hunting with a British prime minister.”

Dessert-themed editorials!

I told you ears were going to be big. More proof.

Sarah Kane is amazing.

I love you Tim Walker, I love you Tim Walker, I love you Tim Walker!

Want to win a Hello Kitty Pretty hair accessory? Click click!

Thanks, Miss B.!

Have a simply mahhhhhhvellous weekend, dahhhhling.