Carousel — Week Ending 12th September 2008

It’s little this week, but I hope you enjoy it anyway! Tomorrow, a bunch of us will be riding the Central Park carousel for real — if you can make it to the Virgo extravaganza, please do!

Dhrumil Purohit Gives 6 Tips On Having A Beautiful Relationship With Food. I love Dhru & it wigs me out that he is only a year older than me — he is wise beyond his years! This article is a really great read for everyone, regardless of whether you eat vegetarian/vegan/raw or just eat cupcakes all day! If you want more, this is excellent as well.


A saucy new promotion from Agent Provocateur — yum!

New Yorkers are funny. Proof. & again!

Apnea’s journal. I didn’t even know she had one, & now I love it! It is oh so funny, & also NSFW! I love her porn reviews. “Dance music comes on. Sounds like it would be the Brazilian Olympic Haircutting team’s anthem.” “She sounds like she’s drinking a slurpee.” Good times!

Sera Beak asks, Who’s Your Daddy?

Eating Our Way To Death, Literally from Think Simple Now.

A beautiful black & white spread, reposted via Fashion Is Spinach. Yum.

Guerilla Road Signs !!!

Seth Godin on remembering.

& a little something for your ears — a new Kanye track.

Okay… Enjoy your weekend!