Carousel — Week Ending 13th July 2007

6 ways to sharpen your intuition, from Steve Olson. (No relation to the twins!) He has some good points. Learning to listen to & trust your intuition is really important. This is most obvious to me in restaurants. If I go into one & have a bad feeling, I know I’ll have a better meal elsewhere — so I leave.

He Forgot To Call? Oh, No Big Deal from the New York Times, on rejecting the relationship “rules”.

Fancy rose, Japanese plum or caramel flavoured toothpaste? Me too! Tamara emailed me about this & I am soooo keen! Unimaginably so!

LED picnic blanket, as a follow up to how to have a great picnic!

Threadbanger have started “How-To Tuesdays” (yay!) & here’s their first one!

Tokyomade is having a rad competition where you can win a huge bag of Japanese goodies! All you have to do is write a haiku about summer. Here’s an example!

Flirting madly while
My make-up melts in the heat
Is not a great look.

Okay, see, it’s easy! Now go & enter!

Apparently, L’Oreal is racist. Worth knowing about, so you can make your own choices… & remember that L’Oreal is in bed with Redken, Garnier, Maybelline, The Body Shop, Kiehl’s, Lancome, Ralph Lauren, Shu Uemura, etc.!

& on the narcissism front, I was interviewed by Tricia Royal for Remixers Revealed! & here’s a wallpaper of me if you’re interested ;>

P.S. Happy Friday the 13th! * ghoulish leer *