Carousel — Week Ending 14th August 2009

HELLO FRIDAY! How we missed you! Now let’s distract ourselves with some virtual ridiculousness! Okay!

The Black Acid Co-Op is a free art installation in New York City, & it’s only going to be around until the 15th of August (that’s tomorrow!), so hop to it!

Sacrificial virgins of the Mississippi… WOW.

Flickr is a total treasure trove. This is my new favourite group — Bedroom Stories. I want to take a whole lot of bedroom portraits now.

The owner of CB I Hate Perfume has a blog, & this piece on Women With Style is fantastic:

There floating across the pavement surrounded by a flock of men in tuxedos was a woman who was unmistakably Diana Vreeland. She was wearing a sleek yellow satin sheathe that my guess would be Dior circa 1955. It had a matching satin stole and matching yellow satin shoes. White stones sparkled around her neck and at her ears. She looked absolutely amazing.

Now Mrs Vreeland was no beauty certainly by that age. But then she never was – that was the point. But on this evening well into her 80’s, she was dressed to kill and clearly fascinating a large group of men of all ages. They followed her like puppies and hung on her every word. I watched her as she slowly moved to the car. She turned her head this way and that to chat with the men around her. She leaned back against one of the men, tossed her head and laughed. The men couldn’t look away and neither could I. I have never seen a woman move so elegantly (at least off the ballet stage) and more to the point, never have i seen a woman more alive. She was so clearly having the time of her life and her joie de vivre lit all those around her. Mrs Vreeland was perfectly magical and a good part of that magic was her style. It was unique, it was flawless and it was as bright as the sun.

I think a lot of people today miss the point of Mrs Vreeland. Nothing but a clothes horse obsessed with fashion. I don’t think this is true. From what I’ve read of her and by her, I’d say fashion was her business but her passion was style. She understood absolutely that fashion is merely a tool and that clothes are dead unless they’re worn. It is never the clothes that are important but the life you lead in them.

A good word to know: quaintrelle.

Wanna be my girlfriend?

Women Making History: Gala Darling is a cute feature piece courtesy of M.I.S.S.! & I’m in excellent company: they have previously featured my girls Nubby & Kerin! Thanks, ladies! P.S. Nice sequins!

Beautiful photos of Christina Ricci. I adore her. She stole my heart as Wednesday Addams, & never gave it back. Really I just wanted to be her, & didn’t you always think Gomez & Morticia had the perfect relationship? (“Don’t torture yourself, Gomez… That’s my job.”) In fact…

Girl Scout: Is this made from real lemons?
Wednesday: Yes.
Girl Scout: I only like all-natural foods & beverages, organically grown, with no preservatives. Are you sure they’re real lemons?
Pugsley: Yes.
Girl Scout: Well, I’ll tell you what. I’ll buy a cup if you buy a box of my delicious Girl Scout cookies. Do we have a deal?
Wednesday: Are they made from real Girl Scouts?

…& I always thought their family credo was the best. Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc. “We gladly feast on those who would subdue us”. HOLLA! Okay, enough, on with the rest of the Carousel…

Want to know your Egyptian zodiac sign? Now you do! I am Mout apparently. “Those who fall under the sign of Mout are ironic, have tremendous internal wealth, know how to rapidly connect with others, and look for paternal authority.” Um… I guess so?! Define internal wealth? How does your sign fit you?

RoboGeisha trailer. Words fail me. I feel like it’s a joke, but it has an entry on IMDB, & the internet doesn’t lie, right?!!

Jane of Sea Of Shoes just gets better every time she updates. Seriously. Jane, are you coming to New York soon? Nubs & I want to kidnap you!

Simon Doonan I LOVE YOU!!!

You can download David Dallas’ Front To Back single here! Nice work boys! Something Awesome cannot come out soon enough.

Michael Jackson’s Influence on Fashion by none other than my favourite, Nubby Twiglet. I think this is one of the best things she’s ever written.

Karl Lagerfeld as Coco Chanel. Lolz.

Rock ‘n Roll Bride is giving away a New York love story! “Todd Ritondaro, who has worked on a range of films ranging from national commercials to small indie films, is now branching into the world of wedding film and wants to make a little film about love in the big apple and he needs subjects… That’s where you come in. He is giving away a free film shoot where you will play the lead. He will follow you and your beau documenting your story – where you met, where you hang out, where you fell in love…” Um, HELLO, best prize ever. I want to enter!

TV dinner cupcakes! I am horrified & impressed all at the same time! & a bunch of dudes backflip into their own jeans. Strange, but rad! Thanks to Vixxie May for hooking me up!

I love Alicia from Sea Of Ghosts & her ongoing sartorial evolution.

Will You Look As Good As Jack LaLanne at Age 93? Awesome tips on living healthily & what you can do to lengthen your life!

Obama Is Literally Hitler. Yeah…

Michael – The New York Review of Books.

“Unlike Prince, his only rival in the black pop sweepstakes, Jackson couldn’t keep mining himself for material for fear of what it would require of him—a turning inward, which, though arguably not the job of a pop musician, is the job of the artist. After Dangerous, Jackson became a corporation, concerned less with creative innovation than with looking backward to recreate the success he had achieved more than ten years before, with Thriller.”

i heart strangers is cute as hell. Thanks MaDonna!

How to make moss graffiti via Tamera. COOL.

Feeding Your Face — tips on delicious skincare from Sarma of One Lucky Duck.

Hands off our heels! A tottering female boss stamps down on calls for a ban of ‘dangerous and demeaning’ stilettos in the office from the Daily Mail. Thanks, Verena! This article has some interesting info but is rife with craziness about feminism & sexism. Some of the comments make my head hurt. I do like this bit though:

“As the psychologist Dr Cecilia d’Felice argues, the message high heels give is not so much ‘I want to turn you on’ as ‘I want to take you on’.”

My friend Suraya publishes this excellent magazine called Filament. It features naked boys, smart writing & calls itself “The Thinking Woman’s Crumpet”. I mean, how can you not be into that? But Suraya’s quest to become the next Hef has been somewhat thwarted by the fact that stuffy British printers are all up in arms about printing pictures of COCKS. (Sorry, it had to be in caps. COCKS.) Reasons given include that printing these images may cause offence to ‘women’s groups’. Ppsssssshhhhhhh! Anyway, whatever, all is not lost — you can help by buying their first issue — this will help them go to a bigger printing company next time, who are less likely to be nervous about printing naughty/scandalous/fabulous material. The magazine is excellent — covering topics from ethics in pornography to atheist parenting & girl geeks — & only £7! Okay, go!

Totem Pill by Marc Ngui is rad.

Totem Pill is inspired by Robert Anton Wilson’s description of Timothy Leary’s Eight Circuit Model of Human Consciousness. The model addresses the question of how and why the mind evolved into an organ of consciousness. Beginning with a single celled organism, each system of consciousness is created as an emergent phenomenon of the previous system in an ever more complex networking process, leading towards a godlike state existing in all time-space with the possibility of engaging with other time spaces. The model is a creation myth, a cosmic blueprint, and fertile territory for the imagination.

Want to attend Stiletto Spy School?

P.S. You aren’t human from the Flickr blog. CUTE TO DEATH!

Extreme Mickey Mouse ears by Piers Atkinson. Thanks, @ashleahd!

Um… Luxirare is incredible.

Chloe’s 24 year old’s list of 25 is really adorable.

RiP: A Remix Manifesto is a documentary about copyright & remix culture. & of course, you can contribute to it… Way cool, way smart. I like the thing about Girl Talk, too! Merci beaucoup, @MimsieSky!

This is the most disgusting safety video I have ever seen,so consider yourselves warned!
Victoria Beckham I love you!”When anybody meets me, they’re like, ‘Why do you look so miserable?’That’s my look! That’s my pose! Don’t knock it!”
Kris Carr I love you too!
I lost… my heart! On the carousel! To a circus girl! Who ran away!

& with that… enjoy your weekend!