Carousel — Week Ending 14th December 2007

Yay, it’s Friday! Here are some links I found over the course of the week. Lots of eye candy!

The Lavazza calendars are always incredible. The theme (of course) is coffee, & every year the calendar is shot by a famous photographer. Here is every Lavazza calendar picture from 1993 to 2008. These make my jaw drop. I LOVE them! My favourite years are 2008 (Finlay Mackay), 2006 & 1995 (Ellen Von Unwerth) & 2002 (David Lachapelle). Yum.

I am in love with this apartment.

Photos from Jenny Hands, Mario Vivanco, Numero & Chinese Vogue.

Vogue Paris 2008 calendar shot by Mario Sorrenti, & Vlada Roslyakova shot by Mark Segal, both from Vogue Paris Dec-Jan 07/08.

Ed Westwick (aka Chuck Bass) eyecandy for the criminally pervy. (I include myself in that clique.)

Join Shrinkle’s Chin Wars community! NOW! Seriously, chuckles a-plenty. I love this so much.

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen’s magazine appearances throughout 2007. Some of these shoots are amazing — especially MK’s shoot for Harper’s Bazaar (MK + Grey Gardens!), & Ashley’s shoot for Marie Claire.

I just found a new blog called Self Made Chick. Here are three posts by her that I REALLY dig: How To Achieve Ridiculous Goals (highly recommended), Congratulations, You Are Now A Millionaire & How To Get What You’re Worth.

I know I’ve linked to a lot of photoshoots in this carousel, but if you only look at one, make it this one by Suza Scalora. I loooove Suza Scalora. She does the cover photos for Francesca Lia Block’s books, so you can imagine. These pictures are absolutely drop-dead gorgeous.

I’m not really here, from Exploding Dog.

She loves the wet & wild, photoshoot featuring Natasha Vojnovic. I love the setting & towel as turban.


Sex & The City movie trailer. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!