Carousel — Week Ending 14th June 2007

A day early as a gift for those of you who are bored at work or procrastinating from study/essay-writing!

Bored with your workout? Let’s mix it up a little! from dumblittleman. Some good ways to make your exercise routine a little bit more dynamic.

Secrets of the French. Why do French women always look so chic? (Seriously, I think we will still be pondering this in 100 years time.)

Street fashion from Osaka & Tokyo, thanks to Cutie magazine!

Things to do when visiting France. I detect a theme. Ooh la la!

Tricia’s thoughts on “fast fashion” — definitely worth reading.

Purple perfection! This girl puts me to shame!

Bicycle Chic from The Sartorialist. Good inspiration for all you people in the sun-drenched northern hemisphere!

Also, my dear iCees, what are your thoughts on these for winter with flip flops/thongs/jandals? I am on the fence. Hugest faux pas known to mankind or acceptable & edgy boundary pushing?