Carousel — Week Ending 14th March 2008

A teeny, little carousel this week! Probably because I’ve barely been at my computer, hee!

Lovely pictures (with an abandoned theme) from k17k.

Use condoms! Please!

The Cool Hunter newsletter is so worth signing up for if you haven’t already! You’ll get a regular dose of things to boggle your mind. My favourite couple of things they’ve profiled recently are the Chanel Mobile Art Container & the Gold Python Blackberry Purse — which is a bit scary, but a great idea. Something that is not made of snake-skin would be more tasteful, I think.

The Observer is good. Yes it is. I like these articles: 50 fashion questions you should be asking right now (good for an update on what is happening in fashion, if you’re interested), The world according to garb (about the unlikely Vogue editor) & The accidental sex gods (an interview with Flight Of The Conchords!).

Photoshop Disasters blog! Wow, some of that stuff is shameless. Simon is fond of telling me about a photo he saw where they had airbrushed out a woman’s belly-button… mmmm, creepylicious!

Musicovery is pretty cool! You define your mood & preferred genres, & then it gives you a whole lot of music to listen to.

Three good things from Dumb Little Man — Overcoming Weight Loss BS, 9 Things You Can Do to Increase Your Income – Today & 9 Ways To Jumpstart Your Writing Goal.

Wow, what a cool job! This is amazing. I love it.

…& this article makes me want to read the Gossip Girl books!

Have you found any good sites or links recently? Let me know in the comments!