Carousel — Week Ending 14th November 2008

The perfect way to kick off your weekend: with a bundle of procrastinatory glory!

The Unicorn Diaries is my new favourite blog. It’s run by the girl who used to be unicorncake on Livejournal, & is a total aesthetic delight! Yum!

Aw, pigs in the Bahamas! Thanks, Coco!

I love this beautiful Fairy Tales photoshoot by Fiona Quinn!

Claire Askew asks, Who’s Your Secret Literary Crush?

Good, short videos from Jack Canfield on planning your day, creating your attitude, how to get rich & personal power.

Ben Okri is the business. Our false oracles have failed. We need a new vision to live by. (Thanks, Evie!)

Haunt Couture!

“Fashion often becomes very interesting in difficult times.” — Karl Lagerfeld

I love Le Love! “dedicated to romantic, sweet, lovey dovey, sexy and heart fluttering images. ♥” Amen!

An article of mine on sustainable fashion (& the perks of developing your own style) appeared in New Zealand’s Good magazine recently! Buy it if you can, ’cause they also asked Peta Mathias & Jacquie Brown for their personal style tips, & it’s really cute. There’s also an excellent photoshoot based around ethical fashion (organic cotton & alternative fibre, etc.). But if you can’t get your hands on a copy, you can read my article here!

911 Writer’s Block — for writer’s emergencies!

I dream of treehouses but I am afraid of heights

Study finds music is heart-lifting!

Fancy yourself as a tree-humper?!

How To Handle Criticism from The Positivity Blog.

& now some musical silliness (but damn, girl can sing):

Christina Aguilera – It’s A Man’s Man’s World

Christina Aguilera performing with the Pussycat Dolls.