Carousel — Week Ending 15th August 2008

Neigh!Photo courtesy of Nadine, unofficial iCiNG mother hen! xxx

Goooooood morning! Welcome to Friday! Here are some links to get you out of zombie work mode & into ridiculous, happy mode!

Guess what?! Tim Burton is going to re-make Alice! & this is your Alice! So exciting!

There’s a gallery of literary tattoos at Contrariwise… Fun for book nerds!

I really like The Feel Good Revolution, started by two nonpareils with a purpose! Check this out. That’s good stuff.

I found 100 Acorns via The Feel Good Revolution — how did I not know about this?! SQUEAL! I love Yoko!

“It’s been 44 years since my book of conceptual instructions, GRAPEFRUIT was first published in 1964. On 15 June 1968, John Lennon & I planted two acorns for peace at Coventry Cathedral. It was the first of our many Peace ‘Events’. In the summer of 1996, I picked up from where I left off, and wrote 100 ACORNS. Starting on the 40th anniversary of the Acorn Peace Event on 15 June 2008, I will publish here an ‘Acorn’ every day for 100 days. After each day of sharing the instructions, you should feel free to question, discuss, and/or report what your mind tells you.I’m just planting the seeds.Have fun.Love, yokoJune 2008”

Ask a call girl — real high-class escorts review the show Secret Diary Of A Call Girl (which I quite like, by the way).

This is the cutest thing ever. “Every Sunday Rosie takes an image in England and i take one in America, and we put ourselves together, even if it is just in a photo.”

BEST T-SHIRT EVER. Eckhart Is My Homeboy designed by the super-cute & totally awesome Philip of Loving Raw! (I have a crush. Haha.) He also did this video: Juice Feasting Secrets Revealed!

Want anime eyes? Now they can be yours!

Take the OkCupid (my new obsession) online dating persona test! It’s been around for years but it never gets old, really…

Kris Atomic’s post 10 Things To Love is absolutely adorable. Mmmmmmwah!

An interview with Ophira & Tali, the AstroTwins!

That’d Be Like Going Back to a Life Without Gossip Girl from Overheard in NYC. (I can relate! After experiencing the pure joy of my Helio Ocean, my little Nokia totally doesn’t cut it anymore!)

I know I always say I’ll never watch it again, but… well… here are the America’s Next Top Model Cycle 11 participants. I like the look of Analeigh, Elina, Marjorie (hello Agyness!) & McKey. Whaddaya say?

The Pill Makes Women Pick Bad Mates. Très intéressant!

A special treat for Virgos: someone has transcribed all the Virgo entries of The Secret Language of Birthdays for your perusal! Check your birthday & see if you agree with what it says!

The love pool on Flickr is totally cute.

How To End A Relationship by Tina of Think Simple Now. I think she & I have been living parallel lives — & you better believe we’ve discussed it!

Behold: Ask Nubby #10: The Art of Closet Organization!

10 Practical Uses For Psychological Research in Everyday Life including how to detect a lie, how to persuade others & how to avoid getting scammed!

Money & the Law of Attraction by Steve Pavlina.

Now, I have an exciting announcement! Dear Melbourne nonpareils! If you’d like to meet some other iCiNG readers in your fair city, a fabulous girl called Antonia has organised a picnic for you! It’s on Sunday August 24th at 1pm in the gardens by Captain Cook’s Cottage (near Flinders Street). The theme is pink — & the food & dress code will be too! There will cupcakes from Sugadeaux (best cupcakes in the entire world, in my opinion!) & Antonia is going to donate $2 for everyone who comes along to breast cancer ribbon day! Amazing! If you can bring something along, like crackers, cheese, plates or a blanket, that would be awesome & a huge help! To RSVP, please email Antonia by Friday the 22nd — that way she can organise the goody bags (!!!) & catering! She will be wearing a pink ostrich feather coat & a lovely smile, so go out & make some super-cute friends! I wish I could attend, but I will be there in spirit, I promise!

A song made from Alice In Wonderland sounds…I am a fan.

& a question for the day. How many rappers do you think own rhyming dictionaries? Answers on a postcard if you please!