Carousel: Week Ending 15th October 2010

CarouselI love you Pee-wee!

Links, links, glorious links! Enjoy!

I want to sleep in this bed forever. Don’t you?

The Wurm Storefront Kitchen & Studio is a great conversion of a storefront into a living space.

“In our ongoing partnership with National Geographic, we dive deep beneath Earth’s surface to a magnificent cavern filled with giant razor-sharp crystals. The size of a football field and about as high as a two-story building, this giant Crystal Cave may be one of the greatest natural marvels ever found…”

Do we really have free choice when it comes to food? from Fooducate.

How To Buy A Round-The-World Plane Ticket (That Kicks Ass). Yes please. I want to do this!

The Filth & The Fashion | Vivienne Westwood’s ’70s Sex Rag Revolution! Some of Dame Westwood’s history as shown in pictures! Gorgeous.

Wild Seals Work as Oceanographers’ Lab Assistants! Cool!

Johnny Depp drops by England school in ‘Pirates’ costume. Um, ah, WHAT?! That kind of thing never happened at MY school!

I missed out on Re:Form School but Yumna took photos, so not all is lost!

More from Fooducate: Five Food Industry Tactics to Downplay Contribution to the Obesity Epidemic. Read up!

Sarah Wilson gives us all a few reasons to chill out: The best reason I’ve ever found for backing the f*ck off.

I haven’t watched this documentary yet, but I hear it is excellent. America the Beautiful.

Say Yes To The Dream: How Frank Gehry Made The Leap. Danielle says smart things about living your truth.

If you’re an obsessive organiser, you need to see this. The Printable CEO. My brain just exploded.

Do you ever get the feeling that we’re all talking but no one gives a shit? Why social media doesn’t feel very social. I love Jake! After I read this I left him a long rambling voicemail message. He is the ace of Jakes! (It’s like the Ace of Cakes but without the weird laugh &… Geof.)


Oh my lord! The Virgo Quilt!!! (I like some of the quilt suggestions in the comments better than the item itself!)

Hunter S. Thompson’s 1958 cover letter for a newspaper job. Brilliant.

The Oatmeal is very very funny. Literally, airplane & minor differences are some of my favourites.

If you’re an aspiring stylist, or just want to work in the industry, Sally’s Styling Seminary: A Stylist’s Role on the Runway is a great read.

Did you mess up? Find out how to make the perfect apology.

How to tell if your dog is a pessimist. What?! Is this really necessary?

How friends matter to your brain. (P.S. Go see your friends this weekend!)

Punk rock Marie Antoinette anyone? SO inspired by this!!! Go Kat, go go go!!

Finding Refuge in the NOW from Psychology Today. Love this:

You create your life by what you do, right where you are, not by what you think about what might happen or what once was. You can act on your life right now, in any moment that you find yourself. There is just no way to think yourself into a rich, whole, dignified life. You can’t feel your way into it either. You have to do something. And here, your mind can be your greatest friend or your worst enemy.

9 mind-bending epiphanies that turned my world upside down is excellent.

From the New York Times: Report Suggests Label Naming Harmful Nutrients. I so hope this actually happens! Eesh. Fingers crossed.

Poperazzi | Auto-Neurotic Stimulation is about the dangers of Googling yourself.


Nonpareil Lizzy emailed me, saying, “I’m running the marathon for the Standing Tall foundation for motor-impaired children, and I’m only $300 a way from reaching my financial goal and actually being ABLE to run 🙂 All the money donated goes directly to the charity, too! I’ve been training and bugging relatives for months now, but the final dollaaz don’t seem to be budging. Any help would be tremendously, tremendously appreciated!” Here’s the link if you want to donate!

Dan Savage says fuck your feelings. & I say, fuck yeah.

Prostitution “Experts” Versus Prostitutes: Why Don’t All Sex Workers Deserve a Voice? from the Huffington Post.

Christina, Arielle & I were all introduced on Olsenboye today! We’re going to be guest blogging for them over the next few weeks, which is so exciting! I’ll be linking my pieces when they’re up so you won’t miss anything!

Steve Pavlina just stopped receiving email. Cold turkey! I think it’s a bit extreme but I totally understand when he says,

Does this mean I’m becoming anti-social and hiding behind a virtual wall? It’s really the opposite of that. I’d rather connect with interesting people face to face instead of receive messages via the Internet. And I’d rather spend more time traveling since I find it beneficial for my own path of growth.

Venus — the planet of love & beauty — is Retrograde right now, which might explain things if your love life is even crazier than usual, or if you’re feeling weird about your appearance. Thankfully, Mystic Medusa is here to soothe the pain. I love her Retro-Venusian Beauty Rules!

Melody (fitting!) sent me this song! Thanks, Melody!

Banksy story-boarded & directed this opening of The Simpsons, & it is AMAZING!

I love you Kate Bornstein!

David Dallas, always a pleasure.

Have an incredible weekend! My plan is to go through my entire closet (ARGH) & sort it out. My summer things need to go into storage so I can actually find things again! If you’re in need of a similar organisational shake-up, my Wardrobe Taming series has you covered!