Carousel — Week Ending 16th February 2007

The smallest carousel ever seen! It was a pretty sad week in blogland — even though each morning I was going through 100+ articles in Google Reader, none of it stood out a whole bunch. Boo.

Most Interesting Trends from New York Fashion Week, including seasonless collections & metallics. You know, that whole “seasonless clothing” thing could completely change the face of fashion retail as we know if everyone could pull it together. Those of us in Australia would be privy to the same stuff that was on the racks in New York. Unfortunately, while fashion seems to be moving forward, I’m not sure that retailers are going to be interested. It’s not truly “seasonless” if it’s still coming out every 6 months.

Fashion Editors Don’t Follow Fashion — a great essay by The Bargain Queen. An example of high profile fashionistas who don’t follow trends. Great article.

Tokyomade is a new blog all about shopping in Tokyo! Yes, exactly. Bookmark that sucker!