Carousel — Week Ending 16th January 2009

James Jean

James Jean (above!) is amazing!

Thom Kerr is my new best friend. We had dinner in a treehouse last weekend & he just happens to be an incredible photographer. Check out his ladies & fantasy work, swoon-o-rama!

My friend Peter, a fashion designer & all-round creative person living in New York cut down his email checking to twice a day, & reports back on what changes it has incurred in his life. His blog is good too, you should subscribe, he is very interesting with some great insights!

Aries Spears is absolutely hilarious. Check out the bottom right-hand corner of his site for his impersonations of LL Cool J, Jay-Z & DMX. They made me laugh so hard I could barely breathe. “Pawdan me I had ta laff at that!” His Jay-Z laugh is uncanny & all that stuff about LL Cool J makin’ it sexy was unbelievably funny.


Rachel Hills wrote an article about the fear of dating for Cleo & she featured me in it!

“New Zealand born blogger and proud non-dater Gala Darling, 25, who recently moved to New York, suggests making the process a bit more unpredictable. “You can turn the date into some kind of adventure, which makes things much more fun and less intimidating. After all, if the two of you are experiencing something novel and different, that makes you feel less inhibited and self-conscious – you can just concentrate on having a good time.”

“Darling says a picnic, meeting at 2am on a fire escape or going chocolate taste-testing are great ideas. “You can do whatever appeals to you, just be sure to make an effort. It’ll help you form a more sincere bond, and if all else fails, at least you’ll have a good story to tell.” And in that spirit, we’ll see how I go in 2009.”

Russell Grant does Youtube horoscopes every day. He is odd but kind of endearing in his strange, messy way. I am a SoulGarden girl from way back but Russell does a great job & he is my second port of call if I ever feel I need it!

Cutest photo ever.

Leading thinkers offer predictions of ‘next big thing’ from the Telegraph. Radiotelepathy? Um, YES!

If your ring finger is longer than your index finger, you were exposed to more testosterone in the womb, meaning that compared to most people, you are more confident & viligant, happier taking risks & have fast reactions. Apparently! My ring finger is longer than my index, how about yours? & do you think there’s any truth to it?

Part two of my interview at Good Prattle is up!

I love New York, & conversations like this.

Paris Hilton cracks me up. Case in point: 1 (“eat your heart out Meryl Streep”!). 2 (“she really is too much”). 3. She is just so fantastically ridiculous, I’m all over it.

Amber wrote a guide to Auckland for visitors to NZ! (I totally concur with Unity Books, World Deluxe, Raw Power, Tanuki’s Cave & Rakinos!) The rest of her blog is pretty neat too, I subscribed!

Sheila Bocchine

Sheila Bocchine (above!) is a pinhole photograher & she does super work.

Scouting New York is a cool, interesting blog from a New York-based location scout, with lots of good pictures & random loveliness. (I saw this!)

Fafi has a blog!

Creative workspaces courtesy of Martha Stewart.

Gavin Strange (aka JamFactory) is awesome. He’s a designer from Bristol with an affinity for good hip-hop & great taste! I actually discovered him through Flickr, he made a graphic using some lyrics from a Doomtree track, & I contacted him to say what a great job he’d done! Anyway, I dig his blog (which he should update more) & he designs sweet shirts, which, at only £5 a pop, are almost essential buying.

By the way, have I linked here before?! Offbeat Bride is the ultimate resource for fabulous, unconventional brides. (P.S. Congratulations, Yasemin!)

Jessica emailed me on Wednesday to tell me that January the 27th is Lewis Carroll’s birthday! She pasted this from some random location, & it sounds like fun! (She also signed off Hope your day is sparkling, but not in the lame Twilight vampire boy way & it made me laugh!)

January 27th is the birthday of Lewis Carrol, author of ALICE’S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND. Alice fell down a rabbit hole into a place where everything had changed and none of the rules could be counted on to apply anymore. I say, let’s do the same: January 27th should be the Annual LiveJournal Rabbit Hole Day. When you post on that day, instead of the normal daily life and work and news and politics, write about the strange new world you have found yourself in for the day, with its strange new life and work and news and politics.

Let’s have a day where nobody’s life makes sense anymore, where any random LJ you click on will bring you some strange new tale. Let’s all fall down the Rabbit Hole for 24 hours and see what’s there. It will be beautiful.

E. Jean’s Dope Astrology is nutty but sweet. Like a Snickers bar. “Completely made-up omens which will probably come true”, ooh yes!

Photoshopped Subway Ads Get Exposed In Berlin. So funny, I love this!

Harmony Korine on Letterman, he is so awesome. “How you doin’?” “Nice.”

Free cosmetics — this is not a joke!

My sweet friend from Wiscaaaaansin, Leif Brostrom, has good music taste, & what’s better is that he likes to share. Yay! Click his name for lots of links to free mixes.

Strategic Change: how to reinvent your personality, from Psychology Today.

The Prescription for Self-Doubt: Watch This Video. Thanks, Mr Ferriss. This is good too: The Power of Less: Changing Behavior with Leo Babauta.

Okay, so it seems like I watched a lot of good videos this week!

& again!

Lantern festival.

Where the hell is Matt?(Thanks, Sarah!)

Katt Williams: Every Day I’m Hustlin’.Ohhh this made me laugh so hard.

Robin Williams on Whose Line Is It Anyway?An oldie but a goodie.

George Carlin: “Pro-Life Is Anti-Woman”.Consider yourself warned!