Carousel — Week Ending 16th November 2007

Happy Friday! Whee!

Linzie experiments with type, using spam subject lines, as demonstrated above. SO funny. I love this, heeeeeeee!

Wear What You Are by Claudia Cividino. (Thanks, Sami!)

Handbags of Horror! Radar magazine investigates the possible link between famous monsters & designer arm candy… Awesome.

Beautiful & creepy collages from miscollages!

Foto_decadent kind of owns my soul — Vlada Roslyakova is amazing. Incredible photos by Denise Grunstein. Drool! Photos by Andreas Kock also turn my crank.

The Art of Smiling & 7 Habits of Highly Innovative People, from Think Simple. Be Decisive.

50 ways to pass the time from Eli!

Fourfour recaps the latest episode of America’s Next Top Model. Ahhh, Rich, why you so funnnnny? “It’s so…mesmerizing. It’s as though they’re trying to seduce her with their torsos. “Come to our side, Sarah. We eat twigs and pebbles and we loooove it.”” Really, you should read all his ANTM recaps — giggles aplenty.

No Impact Man rules. Someone asked him how he entertained his daughter without television. This is his reply. I am really not into children at all, but that post almost changes my mind on breeding. Almost!

Finally, Steve Pavlina’s recent article on Career Planning. I like this piece. Especially this bit…

“Your optimal career is simply this: Share the real you with the physical world through the process of creative self-expression. In order to do that, however, you must first discover the real you. But it makes no sense to choose a medium for self-expression (i.e. a traditional career), such as being a doctor, writer, or entrepreneur, until you first determine what it is you’re going to express.”