Carousel — Week Ending 17th August 2007

Some links to keep your eyes busy on a Friday…

Smart Questions That Will Super Charge Your Life, from I really like this, & have already started doing this every morning.

My amazing friend Star did an illustration of me based on a photograph I posted a while ago. She detailed the steps she took in creating the picture, & it’s really cool, so have a look!

Opportunity Knocks, a column by Maggie Alderson (one of my favourite fashion columnists) about disposable fashion. Definitely worth reading, & thanks to Love In Melbourne for posting!

This is one of the most amazing sets on Flickr that I have ever seen. I have no idea how it was done, but I love it, it is totally gorgeous.

Paris, Je T’Aime shot by Steven Meisel. (I like him a lot.) I love the decadence of this shoot, & it has a very 80’s feel to me, which is quite interesting.

Life Sucks, Then You Die by Steve Pavlina, about creating your own life. He makes some good points.

Most beautiful candles ever thanks to Design Is Mine! I looooooooove these. They would go perfectly with my psychedelic-grandma decorating scheme…