Carousel: Week Ending 17th December 2010

The Future We Will Create: Inside The World Of TED. An inspirational documentary about TEDTalks!

Hey, remember Mollie Sue from season 6 of America’s Next Top Model? Check out this video of her. By the way, she’s naked, so don’t watch it at work!

Every Ho I Know Says So is a video of advice for partners of sex-workers.

Tim Ferriss’ new book, The 4-Hour Body, arrived in my apartment on Wednesday. I almost immediately flicked to The 15 Minute Female Orgasm chapter & started reading aloud. Ha! He has a free PDF download of the first part of that chapter here. Click it! & enjoy!

How to deal with eclipses by none other than Susan Miller. There’s an eclipse on the 21st of December so, read up!

Have you ever picked up a hitch-hiker? One man’s story. Today you, tomorrow me… The comments are wonderful, too:

We are taught from a very early age not to trust strangers. That our neighbors are all serial killers waiting on the right opportunity to kill us. That we are all just one panel van away from becoming a human skin suit. Not only do these things rarely happen, they happen FAR less than they used to. But if you want evidence that this country is twisted: the crime rate of today is WAY less than the crime rate of 1960s yet an overwhelming majority of people would say we have a serious crime issue and that “the country is getting more dangerous.”

I’ll be in Mexico, everyone kind, mellow, helping me out, whatever, smiling, not freaking out about a bus breaking down and then I’ll get on the plane and every American looks like they have been constipated for about 12 days, complaining about every fucking thing then running off to their yoga class because their head is about to explode from the stress. You’ll see Mexicans selling peanuts who have to walk 5 miles from their job and they don’t complain but you’ll get on the plane and some guy will be going on and on about how his IT people won’t let him get an Android. There’s something wrong with people here. On the whole, we are vastly more miserable than people who are a lot poorer than us. And I really wonder if it isn’t because we are so self-centered? We don’t even notice other people most of the time, except when they annoy us. And I do not exempt myself.

Hundreds of people passed me without helping in the least, and a family that had almost nothing to give did so much to help me. It felt like a real life morality tale.

Not sure how I only just found this, two years later, but Merlin Mann’s Better is 100% something I can get behind.

What makes you feel less bored soon makes you into an addict. What makes you feel less vulnerable can easily turn you into a dick. And the things that are meant to make you feel more connected today often turn out to be insubstantial time sinks – empty, programmatic encouragements to groom and refine your personality while sitting alone at a screen.

I like Pharrell’s house!

Have you seen Urban Outfitters’ Creative Headquarters? Pretty awesome… Doesn’t it just make you crave a HUGE warehouse space of your own?

Ghosts of World War II. “With this project, I want to show the horrors of war to people so that it can help prevent wars again.”

Homeless street art.

He doesn’t glue them up, rather, he simply tapes them to the walls so that anyone who passes by might want to stop, take them off the wall, and bring them home. And if no one does? “They will cease to exist,” Williams says. “They will be destroyed and blown away in the wind or other forces that will rip them down and throw them away.” Ultimately, it’s up to the viewer to decide on the fate of these characters; whether they’ll end up discarded, trampled on, and thrown away or lovingly taken home.

I adore this mysterious Post-It art.

Would you visit The Museum of Broken Relationships? Do you have anything you’d contribute?!

More skull wallpaper! One day I will own a house, & it will be magnificent!

Here’s a quick Q&A with Wildfox Couture’s Emily Faulstich & Kimberley Gordon (whom I love). Those girls exemplify California chic, & I can’t wait to see them again!

Classic Lindbergh: The photographer and his supermodel subjects recall some of the greatest shoots in history.

Anthony Golcolea creates “barely inhabitable worlds” with his photography, & the results are gorgeous!

Rainbow City at Art Basel looked pretty cute! Next year, I want to go to Art Basel! The perfect escape from the New York winter…

I’m loving this pop culture-inspired street art. So clever!

What IS Mercury Retrograde Good For? Mystic Medusa has the answers. Thank God!

Guess what? Zooey Deschanel is on Tumblr! She hasn’t posted much yet (& imagine the pressure!), but she’s off to a strong start!

I want to try freelensing! (It’s where you unscrew the lens of your SLR & snap away!) The results are fab!

Tapping: a cure for food cravings & overeating? Yes! You all know I am a major advocate for EFT; now you can read about Sarah’s experiences!

Etsy’s taste test will ask you some questions, then show you recommended products! It’s very fun & pretty accurate. Mine showed me a onesie unicorn costume! Beat THAT!

Confession: Sometimes the arguments between parents & the childless make me laugh. I can see both sides of it, but that doesn’t make it any less funny. That’s why this blog post–Tenant to children: STFU–& the responses, made me laugh until I couldn’t breathe. I love the guy talking about “little Rasputin”. SO FUNNY! & I had never heard of the term “Yunnie” until just now. (It means Young Urban Narcissist!) & the links to the video of the goat which yells like a man! Oh, honestly, I’m crying from laughing so hard!

When a bus hits junior or a hawk flys off with him and eats him in a tree (wishful thinking) or a predator snatches him up Daddy Daddy Daddy would NEVER think his neglect was the reason. He’s MULTITASKING in the “gardens” and can’t be disturbed!

By Baz Luhrmann.

An animation of Trevor Brown’s characters.