Carousel — Week Ending 17th July 2009

CarouselBy Yoko Ono.

Happy Friday! Yay! Hope you have good plans for the weekend… !

God that is funny.

Feel like trying out a love ritual?

“There is no quality assurance about the kind of men or women you will attract, and you may attract both men and women. It is up to you to make wise choices about anyone with whom you become involved. But you are always free to say no – the point is that you are increasing the number of people you attract.”

Toolhaus will show you all the negative feedback on an Ebay seller if you ever doubt the authenticity of an item. SO USEFUL!

Helena Christensen has great style. Her home in New York photographed for Vogue Paris by The Selby.

Sri finds the best things. This post, Babes in Toyland: Six Cartoon Trend-setters Whose Closets We Want to Raid Now from Refinery 29 is adorbs.

Want to be photographed by The Sartorialist? The Pipeline tells you how to make it happen. Hahah.

CarouselCourtney Love’s moodboard.

I loved the Christian Louboutin/Rodarte collaboration — you might remember beautiful shoes covered in spikes from a while ago. Well, a very enterprising young lady DIY’d some & shows you how. I think it is my next project.

Alber Elbaz knows what’s up.

“The people I chose to run my new store in London are nice. I cannot work with b*****s, I can’t, I can’t. Maybe I am too sensitive, I get blocked. There are some people who don’t give a damn. With me, I find that if there is no energy flowing or no connection, I can’t think. Talent is amazing — I love it, appreciate it. I respect talent a lot. But if you ask me, ‘Talent and b***h, or less talent and good?’ I’ll go with less talent.”


I am obsessed with celebrity real estate. I think it is SO interesting to see the kind of homes people buy.

Yann Gross’ Horizonville photo series is fascinating. NSFW, though, there are some boobies!

P.O.S. – Purexed