Carousel — Week Ending 17th October 2008

Cute girls photographed by Jonathan Leder.

How to be creative from gapingvoid.

This sex map is one of the most interesting things ever. I stared at it for a very long time the other night. The most amazing thing is that it’s not even comprehensive!

My amazing friend Dhrumil recorded this podcast about being overwhelmed. I listened to it the other day when I was feeling (shock!) overwhelmed, & it genuinely helped me.

From thecoolhunter: I want to stay at the W Hong Kong. I also like Tara Donovan’s styrofoam art.

Gisele Bundchen for W — amazing clothes. So good.

My girlfriend “settled” for me — and I don’t trust her. Cary Tennis for life!

Enter Winona’s Hallowe’en Costume Chronicles contest! The winner receives $100 from ModCloth (yay, Susan!) & of course, the wild admiration of the internet.

Banksy’s pet shop is now open in New York City! (I’m so going…)

Liz Wolfe is amazing. (Thank you, Olga!)

I know I quote from & link to Sera Beak all the time, but that’s only because she is one of the coolest girls I’ve ever met. Hope you can forgive me!

“That’s right, in my red universe, we are all spiritual superheroes and this is exactly where we should be right now. Each and every one of us have unique, but latent super powers that can only be realized, only be experienced and lived and shared if we are pushed to our edges… if we are moved out of our comfort zones and into the strange, the unfamiliar, the concrete bloody fear.

We have been warriors in waiting for far too long. It’s time to roll up our sleeves, pull up our superheroine boots, stretch our red hearts open even wider, and get down and dirty and thus divine with the best and worst of life… knowing, eventually, ultimately that there is no real difference between the best and the worst.

So superheroes and heroines, I can hear your inner timers ringing from way out here on my dreamy beach. Time’s Up. Come Out Come Out where ever you are and Come In Come In to who you truly are. We need you. You have a planet to save, a universe to serve, and some super fine new footwear to wear.”

& with that, here’s to a fantastic weekend!