Carousel — Week Ending 18th April 2008

I’m Going To Fashion Week! MTV follows three girls on their journey to fashion week in New York, also featuring sneaky appearances by everyone’s favourite scene queens, Hanna Beth & Audrey Kitching!

Monica sent me this very comprehensive guide to sugar in New York from Dessert First. Drool…

For those of you taking part in the iTC, but not sure what you want to achieve yet, you might like to check out Karen Knowler’s article on Why Your Home & Raw Journey Are So Connected. Download the PDF & try the activities!

In the mood for an international holiday? Those of you in Australia should enter this competition to go into the draw to win a $5000 trip for two to anywhere you want! (Phwoar.)

Things Every Man Should Own/Know/Hear — what do you think?

Dear God is a new project from The Coolhunter, consisting of people’s prayers, religious or not. It’s really interesting, & I’m not totally sure what I think about it yet.

If you have a blog, you might like to sign up for the RAINN fundraiser. There are awesome prizes for the best writing & it’s for an excellent cause!

Photobooths in movies & TV

Nubby Twiglet waxes lyrical about typography: you have to love a girl with passion!

Magical Mystery Tour photoshoot from Jalouse magazine, courtesy of epinettes!

If you want new music, I suggest heading over to DJ Z-Trip’s download page. If you can only get one thing, go for the Uneasy Listening tracks — they are so brilliant, I could use a whole string of expletives to describe them. I used to listen to Volume One when I worked at Telecom, & since it went for an hour, it made me feel like the day was going faster. Plus, it’s amazing. So don’t say anything, just go & download it! Okay?!

More great music: A plus D do amazing mash-ups, as do DJ Earworm & DJ Magnet! Get on it!

Keri Smith’s Wish Jar blog is really cute. See also 10 ways to infuse your work with your personality & 100 ideas.

Seven Steps to Change the World. Yes ma’am!

6 Reasons to Visit the World’s Happiest Country, courtesy of Tim Ferriss.

10 ways history’s finest kept their focus at work — I love this article! It’s so interesting. I especially like the bit about people doing their best work in the morning or evening, I am discovering that I get practically nothing done in the afternoon, so I’m trying to structure my day a little differently!

Daring Do by Craig McDean, featuring Coco Rocha dressed as Catwoman, baby! It’s all about superhero style. So cool.

Dear Australians, Collette Dinnigan has designed a range of lingerie for Target, it went on sale yesterday & it is really lovely.

27 Thoughts On Blogging For The Artist, a guest post on Problogger. Too awesome. Love it.