Carousel — Week Ending 18th May 2007

It’s been a while since I did one of these, but I only want to do it when it’s worth it!

When Prom Dresses Attack from Fashion Binge. This filled me with absolute rapture, SO funny.

A review of a book by Tim Gunn. I really only linked this because of the following quote: One of the best parts of the book is when Tim denounces the “it” bag calling today’s accessories “too big, too shiny.” Then he goes on to say, “Why not carry a plastic bag from the supermarket and simply tape your credit card statement to it? It saves wear and tear on the items but still gets the message across!”

Who knew taxidermy jewellery would cause such a furor? I kind of like some of this stuff…

I always wanted to live in a church. I would do it differently, but this place has some amazing architectural features.

Thrifting madness — this girls’ bedroom is full of treasures!

Colour Lovers — recommended by Katrina for outfit coordination assistance!

Japanese metrosexuals? Found via Breesays, a cute gossip blog which keeps linking to me!

118 Ways To Save Money In College, found via Lifehacker

Take an empty shampoo bottle into Lush & receive a free shampoo bar!

“Because what could be sexier than a woman who is shockingly, graphically demonstrating how thoroughly she has excluded all pleasure from her life?”

Gorgeous purple rooms from Decor8.

Japanese style from Tokyomade!

I need to go to this shop but look at the pictures. Drool!