Carousel — Week Ending 18th September 2009

Hello Wellington! There’s a Yayoi Kusama exhibition at the City Gallery from September 27th to February 7th! & you should go! She is one of my favourite artists for a reason. (Thanks for letting me know, Jennifer!)

I love Louise L. Hay. & if you sign up for her newsletter, you get a free mp3 of hers called Receiving Prosperity, which is awesome & made me really happy. Get on it!

Q: How can I create a loving relationship?

You may still have some fear that is standing between you and the life you desire, and that you’re still holding back from allowing a relationship to be in your life the way that you wish. You may have to reach back into your childhood relationship with your father or mother to resolve deep-seated fears surrounding a relationship. Ask yourself: What do I have to give up to be in a relationship? How do I lose me when I’m in a relationship? What messages did I receive as a child that created a belief in me that relationships are painful or not forthcoming? I suggest that you work on loving yourself non-stop. Treat yourself to romance and love. Demonstrate to yourself how special you are. Pamper yourself. Buy yourself flowers, surround yourself with colors, textures, and scents that please you. Life always mirrors back to us the feelings we have inside. As you grow in an inner sense of love and romance, the right person to share your growing sense of intimacy will be attracted to you like a magnet.

Gawker asks, Was The Kanye West-Taylor Swift Moment Staged?

Creative Caravan is a free house swap & sublet resource for Creative Folk Only!” So cool, thank you Miss Retro Audrey! The places are bee-yoo-tiful. Yum!

My amaaaaaaazing friend Mike Dooley’s new book, Infinite Possibilities launched last Tuesday, & it’s a doozy! Over at TUT, they have declared September the month of Infinite Possibilities (!!!) & everyone who buys a copy of the book goes into the draw for a bunch of amazing prizes, like a trip for two to Egypt, a Tahiti cruise for two, a week in Hawaii, a spa getaway retreat, a year of chocolate, etc.! So buy the damn book & if you win one of the prizes, please tell me so I can be insanely jealous!


Jimmyjane — one of my favourite sex toy companys (yes, I have a few) — is having a competition to give away one of their Little Gold Eternity toys. It is the ultimate vibrator, made of 24k gold & set with 28 round-cut diamonds for a truly magical experience. If that’s not luxurious, I don’t know what is. It’s worth $2750 (wow), & it could be yours!

How To Be Awesome from The Art of Nonconformity.

F*ck Yeah Dykes is pretty much what it sounds like. Um… NSFW?!

Glamour magazine shows un-airbrushed photo of plus-size Lizzie Miller… rad.

Tweeting Too Hard = whoah.

Mickey Rourke plays a tough barfly is a piece by Roger Ebert, where he talked to Bukowski as they were filming Barfly. It’s excellent.

“When we came out to scout the location,” she said, “we found all the extras we needed right here. There’s a Bukowskian woman living next door with 12 cats.”

“Bukowskian?” I said.

“Like Dostoyevskian, but drunk.”

A teacher’s approach to raising confident teen girls.

Cardboard Love in a Digital World is rad.

By the way, I updated my links page this week. There’s some good stuff there!

Genius of the crowd by Bukowski.

Don’t Sleep On Africa is a collection of photos of RAD South African street style. So good. Take that, Paris, Stockholm & New York!

I love Zoe Foster. How To: Get sexy, textured second-day hair, INSTANTLY. The answer is apparently magic dust. I need some of this stuff. Anyone at Aveda want to send me some?!

The Frisky interviews Diablo Cody & it’s pretty excellent really.

DC: OK, here’s a problem that is holding back feminism and you see it on the blogs. We all hold each other up to an incredibly high standard in a way that men do not. Let’s say a woman directs a movie that’s not very good—everybody piles up on her. It’s, like, “No! You’re representing us! It has to be perfect!” And that’s not how it works! Women should be allowed to make bad movies. Good movies. Porno movies. Terrible made-for-TV movies. Women just need to be out there directing as many movies as men do. We don’t all have to be the model woman—what we need is to be more visible. We really, really are tough on each other.

The Zap Oracle is fun. Got a question? Click click click!

This piece from Worn, Crushing on Kim Hutt, features a round-up of the ten most stylish characters from children’s books. I’m so with her on #9 & #1, but what? No Stacey McGill?!

Um, wow. David Lynch does window-dressing. Aaaaaaaaaaaaamazing.

Living Enlightenment – A Personal Report is Tina Su’s account of a long-term meditation retreat in India.

The black apartment. DEAR GOD. Can I live there please?

Sean Bonner says, Facebook doesn’t ruin friendships, being a self important asshole does. Yes!

An interview with Marilyn Manson about The High End of Low.

The record is ultimately about somebody who is falling from grace, and I have in so many ways. Whether it’s with family, enemies, fans, personally, lovers, career, art, whatever it is. And then you want to fit back in and you feel like, maybe I should give up my wings. Maybe I should give up who I am and then I’ll fit in. And then you find yourself completely unlovable. You’re worthless above and below and that’s where I was in the record towards the end of the record.

flower/self: I like these photos.

Daily Routines — how writers, artists & other interesting people organize their days — is still totally fascinating to me.

The Lady Who Fell To Earth shot by Tim Walker for Vogue UK October 2009.

The Gashlycrumb Blythies! I don’t like Blythe all that much, but this is such a rad idea, & it’s a work in progress!

Deerlings & Ghostthings is beautiful.

Mystic Medusa said she was obsessed with Lucky Mojo Curio Co. & now I am too. Completely! Very fascinating. But those spells which are supposed to “dominate & rule” a man make me kind of nervous. If you could dominate & rule a man, why would you want him around? You could never respect him that way, & surely respecting your lover is the most important thing? Anyone have any thoughts on the matter at hand?

I also love Mystic Medusa’s thoughts on Kanye West’s VMA outburst.

A Renaissance For Cupcakes? on NPR.

DUFFIN: Well, Warren Buffett has a great way of breaking down the cycle. He says there are three I’s: the innovators, the imitators & the idiots.

So, Roald Dahl Day was on the 13th of September (my birthday!), but check out the Complete Roald Dahl Day Kit! Yay, thank you Sri!

I LOVE YOU IVYBEAN104! She is 104 & she has a Twitter account & I love her!

tonight im doing a interview on american tv with ellen im sorry to say i dont know who she is butthe staff here do all good fun
6:11 AM Sep 11th from web

Positivist Aries Leadership & Motivational Tips from Mystic Medusa. Yes she is a total well of awesomeness & wisdom.

Antler mag is out! Check out Volume 1: Dream Girl.

If you haven’t had time to keep up with fashion week, The Frisky found The Weirdest Stuff On The Runway! It’s pretty funny, really, but I would totally wear #5. With GUSTO!

Kawaii Nails… for people who have never, ever done any physical labour! ;D (Thanks, Coco!)

Welcome to Your Quarterlife Crisis?! This was sent to me by Victoria. It’s a good one!

Oh! Oh! Exciting news! I am starting a new feature on iCiNG called ASK A PSYCHIC! (Although it might not called that by the time it happens, let me know if you have a better idea for a name!) It will go live every Friday & my supremely talented friend Joycelle will be answering your questions! SO! Email us telling us your full name, date of birth, & where you’re from. You can pick a pen name too, for when the answer goes live, but you can ask anything you like including life direction, love & relationships, career, health, family, travel, spiritual direction, even mediumship! Ahhh HOW EXCITING. So let’s do it! We’re going to start putting it all together & the feature will go live soon. I CAN’T WAIT!

Now! Here are some videos. Yay!

Real moments with Rachel Zoe 😀
A trailer for Tristan Taormino’s Rough Sex.
Halcyon is one of the raddest people I know.