Carousel — Week Ending 19th December 2008

Don’t stop believin’. & honestly, I’ve thought about you every day since we met, 738 days and counting… Also, Sam Brown from Exploding Dog has a blog, did you know? I didn’t!

I love this Christmas mix, I Think The Cookies Are Done mixed by Millions Billions & Tendercakes. It should be longer! Jake says…

“This Christmas mix brought to you by Tendercakes and Millions Billions is the perfect way to celebrate if you want Christmas to sound like lazers and dance moves. And leave your red and green at home because this party is CMYK only.”

Also, Millions Billions is a dude. (New friend! High five! & a totally ace self-promoter.) I have listened to this mix so many goddamn times this week, it’s sickening. But I love it.

Flying Lotus essential mix, it’s a goodie.

P.O.S. has a new single, too.

Selected quotes from Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters: How The Quest for Perfection is Harming Young Women by Courtney Martin.

Disney-inspired rings from Q-Pot! Aw, I like ’em… They make me think of Nubby!

I was hoping you would notice.

Vanilla Ice. Latex stockings as high fashion accessory? A resounding YES.

Coco Chanel by Horst P. Horst.

Hand-lettered signs from the infamous jr__nal community.

I would like to officially introduce you to my fantastic friend Sammy’s brand new project, Haute Macabre. As you can guess from the title, it’s about high-end gawthick living. It’s for those of us who never really outgrew our goth sensibilities — the ones who idolised Wednesday Addams as an adolescent heroine, the ones who like things dark but don’t take it too seriously, the ones who can’t resist when fetishy fashion comes sashaying down the catwalk in Paris. To add to the dark, creepy pot, she has enlisted her friends Nixon Sixx, Zoetica Ebb (you know her!) &… me! I haven’t contributed to the project yet but I will, by golly I will, & baby, it’s a good one.

I like this mix: We Make It Good Mix Series Vol. 06 by DJ Blaqstarr. Thanks, Sam! xx

Ahem… The Vice Guide To Eating Pussy. NSFW! I have loved this article for years, especially the way it is written. “If you are dealing with a particularly saucy vixen she may want something in her bum.” Raunch!!! (“Raunch” can, from now on, only ever be written with three (3) exclamation points after it. Okay? Say it with me now… Raunch!!!)

Said The Gramophone is one of my new favourite music blogs.

Okay, so, I started reading Twilight last night & abandoned it after 4 chapters. Whoah. It is bad. I started talking about it on Twitter (it was a good time, you should have been there), & got a whole bunch of hilarious links sent in my direction. For example… Way funny. Ditto.

I love the Secret Society of List Addicts!’s Best Of 2008 is an awesome, real round-up of the year’s most popular (alternative) music.

Violet Blue interviews Andrew Blake, legendary erotic movie director.

The Back Alley Tabernacle interviews Zoetica Ebb, my favourite blue-haired lady. (Except it’s not blue right now. Sshhhhhh!) I like this bit best:

What is it about transformation that appeals to you? Hope and fluidity – the idea that nothing is final.

Pretty Much Amazing’s 212 Best Songs Of 2008. Oh YEAH.

Pictures from Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen’s book, Influence. (It’s really good, by the way.)

Shun the non-believer!

OMG so funny, & this is not safe for work!