Carousel — Week Ending 19th June 2009

The ‘I love you’ graffiti pool on Flickr rocks my world. What a great thing to do with your camera — hunt out lurve-related graffiti. CUTE-O-RAMA. Top THAT!

Insead research shows living abroad linked to creativity: “Living in another country can be a cherished experience, but new research from Insead & Northwestern University suggests it might also help boost creativity.”

Tag Poetry & Personal Style is such a cute idea!

Angelica got accepted into the Atlantic Acting School & now she needs help to get there. Can you get involved?

Icons according to Bjooti honoured me last week! (Scroll down for an English translation.)

Natalia Vodianova rocks pink hair!

The Sparkle Factory is a blog documenting the goings-on at Tarina Tarantino’s workspace, affectionately dubbed (you guessed it) The Sparkle Factory! It’s a nice little glimpse into the life of a jewellery queen.

Want a scary washing machine?!

Cate Blanchett as Coco Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld, HELLO, awesome.

André Balazs: The king of America is an old (2006) but fascinating article about the hotelier. I love the way he thinks, viz:

People go to clubs and restaurants for a couple of hours or so, but the experiences of guests in a hotel can last 24 hours or more and, Balazs explains, can range “from the deeply personal moments, to the public moments, the business moments and the friendship moments. It means trying to provide every kind of nuanced space and thinking about how to provide the best environments for each of those activities to unfold. That’s what fascinates me. It is not just allowing them to unfold but stimulating their unfolding.”

“One of the few luxuries left is travel,” he explains. “And the aspect of travel that is luxurious is not the movement, but the being there. So I think that one of the things that most matters and will matter increasingly is that when you are in some place you actually feel like you are there, that the ‘there’ is very different from whence you came. When you’re in London, you should feel like you’re in London. That unleashes a whole creative process. There should be no confusion whatever between London and New York or even between SoHo and Wall Street. What has been fun for me about this is that we have always looked at this as not just what city or what neighbourhood you’re in, but even what building.”

Jazzi McG shows you how to DIY a DIY (& it looks so good.)

Overheard In New York. Just that.

Where I send people who ask me where to go for spa treatments in Sydney by Miss Zoe Foster, who officially Knows Her Shizz. (& she’s on Twitter!)

My friend Stef, also known as P.O.S., is up for MTV’s Favorite Freshman 5 artist, & you should vote for him because he is totally rad.

Look how freaking cute he is. C’mon! Apparently I am responsible for helping him escape the Warped Tour when it comes to New York, too, so don’t think I won’t hear whether he won or not! If you don’t vote for him, I’ll know! Please vote! He deserves it more than you could possibly imagine.

The Uniform Project is amazing & inspiring &, wow, gosh. (Merci, Leah!)

Something Awful is a treasure trove, especially when you’re heavy into procrastination mode. I like Photoshop Phriday best — check out A Day At The Science Fair, Reimagined Literature & Unnecessary Advertisements. Too funny.

It’s all about love from Boner Party.

Who Would Buddha F*ck? by Brad Warner. Who indeed?

How to use Twitter for marketing & PR. Hahahahaha.

Hahah, Grilla Styling cracks me up.

Welcome one and all to Grilla Styling- the new pastime. But what is it? is it a new type of competitive cooking? is it some kind of rap? No- its sneaking into large clothes shops and styling and shooting a vignette in their changing rooms- all in 30 minutes flat. here is the recipe: 2 friends, 2 digital cameras, a stopwatch, 2 large handbags full of tights belts shoes jewellery sunglasses etc(stuff which you can’t take into changing rooms generally), 2 packs of cards, a fat black permanent marker.

1. write on one pack of cards, using the marker, 52 colours, textures, materials. 2. fill up the other pack with countries, slebs, rockstars, and fashion genres. 3. shuffle the packs (seperately). 4. sidle up to the nearest large clothing outlet. 5. pull out one card from each pack to give you the look to style. 6. start the stop watch- you have 10 minutes to find the clothes/accessories- remember the changing room limit- only one trip in allowed! 7. 10 minutes to style. 8. 5 minutes to shoot, (each other) 9. 5 minutes to make exit. 10. relax. 11. repeat. 12. blog it.

No Time Wasters. Audrey sent me this link, what a champ!

Fallen Princesses is a clever but slightly grim project.

Oh Robert Smith!

This thing will let you make a tiled background out of any image, I love it!

Readable bed sheets are mad awesome.

Accents from around the world! I find accents interesting so I thought it was a pretty cool find.

I think I am definitely in love with you, but I’m not sure from Exploding Dog.

My amazing friend Angel did this interview with Larkin Grimm for Coilhouse which I found totally compelling.

“I was sleeping on the floor in a bare room with a few instruments and a typewriter. I was studying to be a psychic at the time and the experience was pretty overwhelming. I cut myself off completely from friends and lovers and focused inward, on work and meditation. I was writing songs in my sleep. It was great. I don’t think that experience could ever be duplicated.The stars were just aligned in my favor at that moment. When it came time to record, we did it mostly analog, with great engineers and dynamic characters going in and out all the time, ghosts and pirates and even a succubus showed up while we were staying in that old mansion. I tried to keep my psychic channels open and let the ghosts have a say in how the music should turn out.”

How To: Audrey Tautou in Coco Avant Chanel.

Snacks & Sh!t is all about really bad rap lyrics. Nice.

& here are some videos…

This is for Nubby!