Carousel — Week Ending 19th October 2007

Masha!I stole this picture from Bryanboy. BaBOOSH, kitten!

I love Tim Walker & Masha Tyelna. If you do too, click here. (Masha is amazing, I think she looks like the girls in paintings by Lori Earley.)

Banshee Girl photoshoot from New York Times style magazine.

Extravigator is a guide to luxurious travel. It is decadent & supreme. I am a fan.

If you, too, were once a fan of Courtney Love, you might also be interested in watching The Return of Courtney Love, a documentary from last year. Here it is in four parts: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4.

Hallowe’en costume ideas from American Apparel. I think some of these are awesome.

A tour of the Candy Girl factory. Yes, they make “love dolls”. Don’t watch this at work… “How do we make a zombie look cute?”

Cyborgs in a park! Okay, not really. But this photoshoot does look that way.

Decor8 points the way to decorating your home with banners! I never would have thought of it, but now I want some, badly. They’re gorgeous & festive at the same time. I want something like this but in pink & blue & purple…

This girl on Facehunter makes me really happy. & here are some really nice legs from The Sartorialist.

Beauty Addict has put together an encyclopedia of mascara! Of course, not every brand is on here, but if you’re looking for a new mascara, this should be your first port of call.

Coilhouse is quickly becoming one of my favourite reads. Take this piece, Rick Owens, friend of post-goth fashionistas. “You’ve discarded your crushed velvets. You’ve cast aside your zippered, D-ringed, and safety-pinned garments and long for something new. Where do you go from here? You require sophistication. You want drama without the bell sleeves. We understand…” I love it! Have a look, oh ex-children of the night. I think I am now officially enamoured with Rick Owens. See also League of Extraordinary Stupid Hair Superheroes. Really, really funny, & even better because they say “I wouldn’t laugh so hard if I didn’t know that every single member of the Coil-staff could easily wind up in the next edition of this…”

What No Impact feels like after ten months from No Impact Man. He makes some very interesting points about community. Have a read!

Scary Halloween Costumes from Fashion Geek. Terrifying, really.

Benefits of laughter yoga with John Cleese!