Carousel — Week Ending 19th September 2008

Eep! Another little carousel. Things have been mad around here, & I fly out to Las Vegas for the Blog World Expo (& the ultimate Virgo honeymoon!) in an hour’s time! The second part of the quarter-life crisis article is coming soon… Thank you so much for your patience, I’ll be back on track soon!

…Which Is Why I Only Make Out With Old People, from Overheard In NYC.

Guy Kawasaki asks, Are You Limiting Yourself?

Amazing photographs by Irina Ionesco — NSFW!

Butts! Also NSFW!

Carmen Kass by Yelena Yemchuk for Vogue Nippon.

Kris Atomic is selling prints, & they’re beeeeautiful!

5 Great Ways To Create A More Productive Workspace & How To Flip Things Around: Act As If You Would Like To Feel from the Positivity Blog.