Carousel — Week Ending 1st May 2009

Kris Carr, superwoman & beautiful soul, is kicking off The Official Adventure Cleanse on May 11th. Damn baby, I’m in. How about you?

Texts From Last Night is AMAZING.

D.I.Y. Astro – Your Temporary Moon from Mystica Medusa, actually one of my favourite blogs right now.

Yes, Looks Do Matter.

Mouse Ears as part of your wedding? I LIKE IT!

God Can’t Bake For Sh!t! Hahaha. My heart tastes like cake too!

Models reading!

Auto-tune it shoooorrrrrrtyyyyyyy!

Happiness Is Always A Choice.

You Are Among Friends: a book for the little sisters I never had. Lindsey Markel is on the way to publishing YAAF (of which I am a contributor!), & is looking for backers, sponsors & patrons. Got a spare buck? Flick it her way!

Horoscopes for the month of May from Astrology Zone & the AstroTwins!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley by Greg Williams for Agent Provocateur. Saucyyyyy.

Shae of Lullie Vintage & Everything Style has been posting some great stuff lately. Like this post on Frugal Fashion — reminding you that you don’t need to splash out like mad to look fabulous — 12 Ways To Wear A Floral Skirt & 10 Inexpensive Ways To Dress Up Your Home. Girl knows what she’s talking about! Even better, she’s moving to New York in a week & I can’t wait to go out adventuring with her!

Sera Beak dares to disturb the universe!

Igor + André is an excellent fashion illustration blog, & I love his Borders & Frontiers shirt!

Francesca Lia Block has a Myspace blog!

I was just reflecting the other day on the horrifying fact that I have been an internet addict for THIRTEEN YEARS. So this post from Coilhouse, Lighting A Candle For Geocities, really spoke to me. & oh! The dripping blood bar animated gif! So close to my heart.

Inside Grey Gardens from The New York Times.

Oh, You Have 70 Thousand Twitter Followers? Congratulations, Sh!tbag. made me laugh really hard. It is kinda mean… but really funny.

& with that, we’re done!