Carousel: Week Ending 20th August 2010

CarouselAgent Provocateur.

I wish I had remembered about the Times Square Kiss In For Peace! Oh well. The Dish & I will just have to do our own rendition this weekend! There are some more photos here too.

Feng Shui Tips To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Retreat. Yes!

I am very much needing Agent Provocateur’s Zelda dress after watching this video. Aren’t you?

25 Tracks: A Dubstep Chronology Mixtape. Nerding out about music is the best, don’t you think? I’ve been listening to this constantly, it’s great.

Eating Your Way to a Good Night’s Sleep. Some foods are more difficult to digest which can interrupt your zzzz! Find out the best pre-snooze nosh here. See also: 7 Ways To Get The Best Sleep Ever!

SO JEALOUS! Kelly went to the Liberace museum in Las Vegas & took pictures. Disco ball Rolls Royce! “One-man Disneyland”! The man single-handedly (apparently) saved Swarovski from bankruptcy! HELLOOOO.

This will be our year by Kris Atomic. A collection of swoonworthy clothing & accessories. You could almost call this her style direction piece!

Disney villains vamp it up… Best makeup release party ever!

Sir Richard Branson: If I could do it all over again… If he was just starting out today, but had all his prior business knowledge, what would he do? I love Richard, he is rad. It would be amazing to meet him one day.

“It is not enough simply to wish that love & compassion should increase in us. We need to make a sustained effort, again & again, to cultivate the positive aspects within us — & the key here is constant familiarity. The nature of human thoughts & emotions is such that the more you engage in them, the more you consciously develop them, the more powerful they become.”(Dalai Lama)

This is the most amazing water park I have ever seen. Let’s all go! Today!

Hahah. If I had a baby I would totally do this too. The Daydreaming Baby is hilarious!

I love these dancing shadows.

Kind of random, but if I had this chip & dip container I would be even more of a guacamole fiend than I am already.

Some crazy nut walked across America. This is his story.

I am craving all things watery lately. The thought of spending time in this house with its underwater room makes me go all a-tremble.

Skatepark after dark with fun lights.

I would be pretty keen on having one of these psychedelic animal sculptures in my house.

I want… I need… What do you want? What do you need?

How To… Have a Perfectly Imperfect Wedding/Life from Rock ‘n Roll Bride. This one struck a chord with a lot of people!

Danielle La Porte is the best. Check out your permission slip from the universe.

If you’re curious about my Disneyland adventure, Nubby wrote it up! Have a look at Disneyland 2010. You could also see her week in pictures for more L.A. madness!

You need to see The Fall.