Carousel: Week Ending 20th November 2009

Happy Friday! Welcome to the one, the only, the original Carousel!

Stickers & Donuts tells us what they love about Amsterdam. International playgirls ahoy!

Did you subscribe to If It’s Hip, It’s Here yet? If not: these brollies change colour, these beds are amazing & balloon mania.

This is old but amazing: One Is The Loveliest Color. The quotes are brilliant & fascinating:

Do you make your own blue shoes?

I go to leather fairs and have the factory make me shoes. I also buy white Chanel and Christian Louboutin shoes, and I color them blue with custom-ordered electric-blue Sharpies.

Why gray?

I actually wore turquoise for eight years, but last September, I switched to gray. I’d had a bad year and needed to get out of it.

That’s a big switch.

I like everything to be clean, and gray is clean. Gray is between black and white, so it’s a noncolor, almost. I feel messy and unclean if I wear other colors.

I went to Rome to do my master’s in ’82. I wore all black, with pink hair. But that was considered Fascist. I had to tone down my dress.

I can’t fall asleep unless I’m wearing green.

Julie linked me to the Through The Viewfinder group on Flickr, & it is awesome!

There’s only a month & a half left of the year (ARGH), so check out The Frisky’s Astro Guide 2009 to see how to make the most of it!

50 practical tips to save you a lifetime from the Times Online.

Mystic Medusa makes me laugh my ass off. On wearing a “serenity helmet”…

Virgo – If it is likely to enhance performance and they can wear it whilst spreadsheeting, cleaning and writing obsessive compulsive lists, YES! How does one clean it and does it come with a guarantee?

More fun with statistics from the OkCupid blog: Your Looks & Your Inbox. How does your attractiveness affect your inbox? Now you know.

Oprah is ending her talk show in 2011. BOO.

CarouselPhoto by genius nonpareil Jess!

We know this already but I like it anyway: Fashion not a betrayal of feminist ideals, says leading headteacher.

She said that women are sometimes judged “harshly” for their choices, and women are often guilty of judging other women. “We must resist the impulse to judge women, to judge them harshly and judge them narrowly,” she said.

A Glorious Mess is all about how Nabokov was a control freak. I do love him.

I was sent cupcakes with unicorns on them once, but they didn’t look like this. BEAUTIFUL!

Jane from Sea Of Shoes has turned off her comments. Since I read that, I’ve been thinking about it all morning, & I talked about it a little bit on Twitter. Gretchen was inspired to write about it too. It’s an interesting thing — sometimes the comments of a blog can be enormously positive & useful, they can serve to bring a community together & make it stronger, but sometimes they’re just a waste of space. Sometimes they degrade the actual content posted above. This is especially prevalent when the content is more personal than fact-based, & there are so many bloggers who have shut down their operation entirely because they are fed up with hearing what complete strangers think of their lifestyle choices. I think a lot of bloggers will see what Jane’s done, breathe a sigh of relief & follow suit. What are your thoughts on blog comments? I feel that Jane has made a good decision, I don’t think she’ll regret it for a second & I am positive that it will not affect her negatively in any way. Also I love her so I am kind of biased. Haha.

Also, Jane introduced me to the wonder of Lumigram. HELLO! I want these tablecloths at the next big party I have.

Worn Fashion Journal does some amazing stuff, & they have just suffered an epic setback. If there is any way you can help them out, it would be so much appreciated.

Want to win a $750 shopping spree with Charlotte Russe? (I have a bunch of stuff from there which I love!) Design a t-shirt & you just might!

Okay, I hate to mention this but it is almost Christmas shopping time. (I KNOW, RIGHT?) My friend Jess, who owns Sugadeaux cupcakes (yes, still the best cupcakes I have ever eaten) has a shop full of cupcakey merch which will delight anyone with a sweet tooth. I like the ‘Shut Up & Bring Me A Cupcake’ shirt, personally. Also anything which says ‘Breakfast Of Champions’, ’cause we all know cupcakes make for the best breakfast.

Baby flamingoes ‘scared of pink’. Uh oh.

Have you seen F*ck Yeah, Tattoos! yet? It’s a goodie.

DEALBREAKER: you don’t eat & your wallet chain.

JAK & JIL went backstage at Victoria’s Secret.

The Lula scrapbook is quite adorable & lovely.

The YOU ARE REMARKABLE book is available now! I haven’t seen it in person but it looks fantastic, is only $15 (or enter greatbook at checkout for 10% off!) & is full of stuff to make you feel really, really good.

I LOVE THIS KID. Will Phillips, 10-Year-Old, Won’t Pledge Allegiance To A Country That Discriminates Against Gays. HOLLER. Jon Stewart loves him too:

Trailer for Tom Ford’s A Single Man.Beautiful, sheer Virgoan perfection.