Carousel — Week Ending 21st August 2009

Oh my god, I cannot tell you how much I love this. It is BRILLIANT. The Road To Success depicted visually. TAKE NOTE!

DIY embellished tights tutorial: so beautiful.

Everyone’s favourite dog, Hank Williams, is up for the cutest dog competition! Please vote for him! He is the best dog in the universe & I love him so much!

This makes me really happy: THE GUIDE TO BEING SO CHOICE aka How Sloane Peterson from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Taught me how to be an Awesome Girlfriend. Read, pay attention, put into practice.

Style & Beauty files from the past to the present. I love this, what a treasure! Anita Pallenberg, Hunter S. Thompson, Thurston Moore, Jane Birkin, Lisa Bonet, Courtney Love, Pamela Des Barres… So inspiring, so rad! If you only click one link in the carousel, this should be it.

Claudia sent me this link to Chlorophyll Skin. Um, wow.

Milla Jovovich is so beautiful.

What Sign Is The Punctuation Hero? & I loved this comment:

I know someone with Mercury conjunct Pluto in Virgo who would do this. He once peeled an extra apostrophe off a shop window display right under the gaze of the security guard. Vandalism was justified on the grounds of good grammar.

Pitchfork’s Top 500 Tracks of the 2000s is rad.

Psalm One just put out Uptown, where she’s rapping over a Drake beat. Nice!

Nils Jorgensen‘s photography is curious, clever & intriguing.

Channel the queen bee (ahem, Blair Waldorf, not that I still watch Gossip Girl — I packed it in before season two began — do any of you still watch it?) with inspiration from this shoot in Teen Vogue.

Sera Beak, everyone’s favourite redvolutionary, is holding a weekend retreat at the Omega Institute in upstate New York at the end of September… & I really want to go. Here’s the info!

Redvolution: Calling All Spiritual Superheroines!

This firestarter gathering reintroduces spirituality to women in a style and lingo that fits their unique, modern, and often complicated lives. Based on a combustible cocktail from Sera’s The Red Book, we’ll explore what it means to (respectfully) mix and match ancient religious traditions and new spiritual beliefs in order to create a truly Redvolutionary life. The Red heart of this non-dogmatic workshop is to inspire all women to discover and activate their spiritual superpowers by creating a more intimate and expressive relationship with their divine spark – through creative exercises, intention-setting, meditation, ritual, intuitive journaling, and provocative dialogue. Emphasis will be placed on trusting one’s unique path and becoming one’s own spiritual authority…not too mention creating some delicious, divine mischief along the way. After all, you’re not here to play small; you’re here to save the world.

Friday September 25th – Sunday September 27th, 2009
Omega Institute Rhinebeck, NY.

A couple of months ago, Miss Molly Crabapple & I sat in Ninth Street Espresso, downing coffee & talking excitedly as we laughed & plotted out potential panels for SXSW Interactive 2010. We each submitted two, & I’m very excited to say that both the proposals I submitted have been accepted & placed into the SXSW 2010 PanelPicker. Both are intended to be a humorous but useful look at the topics presented & I have a group of whip-smart, self-aware & very funny people who I’d like to have on the panels with me. You can look (& vote!) for them here: Integrity 3.0: The Importance Of Reputation Online & Internet Fame: How To Do It. Lol-o-rama, for real! Molly’s proposal, Selling Subculture Without Selling Out, will be amazing as well. I’m pretty intrigued by the Fashion Revolution panel too!

Uncomfortable plot summaries is so very funny.

Ahhhhhh! Cutest doggy kisses of all time.

Critics That Matter by Seth Godin.

Me for ChinaShop magazine: I attended the open call for Sex & The City 2 & snapped some shots of the eager & well-dressed! I loved this girl & this girl especially! I also wrote a little piece about the Fall/Winter Fashion Focus, & a summary of my favourite new look: Tough Luxe.

This video of the Milky Way rising over Texas is SO beautiful!

Paul Octavious – Same Hill, Different Day. Rad!

1000 Awesome Things: #695 Walking around with a black eye. Aahahahahah. Oh, Neil.

Why Some People Are Better Manifesters Than Others by Steve Pavlina.

How To Tim Ferriss Your Love Life… Hahah. He is hilarious.

Good stuff from The Happiness Project: Twenty-Three Phrases to Help You Fight Right, Imagine That Something Good Never Happened, Nine Tips for Having a Good Bad Day & “Sing, Talk on the Phone, Cook Something New”.

I love Coilhouse for posting about The 1985 World Face-Pulling Championship!

I am afraid of this woman.

“I promise I shall never give up, & that I’ll die yelling & laughing.” — Jack Kerouac