Carousel — Week Ending 21st December 2007

Another little Carousel! I hope you have a spin, regardless!

Photography by Richard Avedon. I wish life still looked like this, sometimes!

Career Transitions & Love Your Work Or Don’t Work At All. Thanks, Steve!

Eiffel Tower Webcam! Is Paris the ultimate winter city? I think it might be.

More fuel on the Michael J. Fox fire: What I’ve Learned. Ditto Jack Nicholson, Donald Trump, Richard Branson, Hugh Hefner & Werner Herzog. I LOVE these articles & have been thinking about them all week.

This Oleg Micheyev photoshoot is awesome.

“Bazaar” fashion icons through the decades, a PDF.

2008 Fashion Forecast, according to the fashion editor at InStyle & fashion designer Alex Perry.

Tank Girl, then & now from Coilhouse. Tank Girl has had a makeover. & it’s… weird.