Carousel: Week Ending 21st May 2010

A selection of things from around the internet to keep you occupied…

Why New Zealand Is A Lifestyle Superpower from BBC!

Sarah Wilson’s Sunday Life: In which I see 5 psychics.

I like this man’s invisible cloak!

Did you know they have Blonde Weekend in Latvia?

On Name Changing & Weddings

I learned a lot last week. A whole lot. I learned that we nearly universally dislike the term Maiden Name. I learned that we near universally hate being called Mrs. Hisfirst Hislast. And I learned that we near universally thought long and hard about our name choice, no matter what the outcome. But more than all that, I learned empathy. I think it’s impossible to read the epic 570 comment thread without seeing, really seeing the women around us: seeing and respecting their choices, and seeing and respecting their pain, their joy, their sacrifice, and their pride in family. Someone emailed me today to thank me for the post, because it helped them get their head around why other women change their names, and helped her start to learn to be ok with that. And I think the thread was that way for a lot of us (it was for me), in helping us really understand the choices we *didn’t* make (or choices we haven’t yet made).

Touch reduces stress. No huge surprise but still!

Shit My Kids Ruined is amazing. The Dish & I read the whole thing sitting together on the couch, & I laughed until I cried & my face hurt.

Kat did a rad photoshoot in Camden.

Oh my lord. Sloth orphanage. I had to watch this twice, it is so cute.

I was interviewed by Beautiful Stranger.TV! You can read the extended interview here

Helping Johnny Remember is quite creepy!

This girl makes the most amazing Polyvore sets!

Talk Deeply, Be Happy? from New York Times.

Color Survey Results from xkcd…

If you ask people to name colors long enough, they go totally crazy… “Puke” and “vomit” are totally real colors… Nobody can spell “fuchsia”.

Food porn via Kris Atomic. I love those sparkly 2010 biscuits! Such cleverness!

They’re making a Sex & The City 2 book featuring ALL the looks from the movie. Very smart.

Would-be muggers in Australia thwarted by ninjas & the comments are so funny!

I want to go & see the Dachshund U.N.! If you are in Melbourne, PLEASE go & report back!

The New York Public Library invited Improv Everywhere to perform at the library as a means of cheering people up in the face of budget cuts. IE agreed and decided to perform as the Ghostbusters.

Word! Now I’m going to lie down in the air conditioning & do some reading… Have a fab weekend!