Carousel — Week Ending 21st November 2008

It’s not the world’s biggest carousel today — real-life seemed to take priority over compulsively browsing the internet this week! However, I present to you…

Delicious photos! 10 magazine, Into The Night, The Enchanted Garden, A Private World (Tim Walker!), Evoluzione della specie (so good) & bawoooooons!

Famous bisexuals in history. Don’t ask me how I found this, haha. But it’s really interesting!

Homeland Security Guidelines Get More Bizarre By The Year & …To Use One Of Emily Dickinson’s Lesser-Known Similes from Overheard in New York.

Thoughts of you distract me.

Would you wear the scent of violence?

Don’t Stop Loving!

Fifty Years of Popular Songs Condensed Into Single Sentences!

MissDIOR Couture does it again. Yum.

tweetwants. Inane? Yes. Fun? Of course!

I love Le Smoking, socially irresponsible though it may be. (Have I linked that blog before? I have no idea.) & she featured Nubby & I on Le Love!

Speaking of which, have a read of The Triple Threat: Personality, Branding & Blogging by Miss Twiglet!

Cary Tennis tackles the age-old problem: I’m restless and creative but don’t know where to begin: I see this dazzling world full of art and fun — how do I connect to it?

High Gloss clothing via Miss Violet Blue! NSFW, but very good-lookin’ (& COLOURFUL!) latex clothing. Mmmm. Things I really like? The Roxy Torsolette, the Neckbow maxi (SWOON, so Barbie), the Frilly Garter, the Fringe Hoody (super-odd but also incredibly awesome), the Valance Suspender, these CrissCrossGarters, the Hipstar, Seam stockings (in contrast colours!) & the LatexaStockings, especially in pearl blue. Phew!

Have an amazing weekend, okay? Take time to laugh!