Carousel — Week Ending 21st September 2007


Bonjour! It is Friday, which of course means it is time for the weekly carousel! Hooray! Pick a horse (or an elephant!) & jump on!

How To Fight Artist’s Block: 7 Methods from my super cute (& amazingly creative) friend, Miss Nubby Twiglet!

Scenes from Japan Fashion Week, courtesy of the Manolo!

Life on Purpose, some thoughts from Steve Pavlina. It’s a book review, but it contains some interesting points & good stuff to ponder. The book sounds like it’s worth a read, too!

Halcyon’s Burning Man ’07: Burning Grandpa’s Ashes. This is a video by the wonderful Halcyon, regular attendee of Burning Man & leader of Hugnation. He makes great videos all the time but this one is pretty special.

The Hills (Post Apocalypse) from SuperNews! Soooo funny, but probably only if you are familiar with the show ;>

Quote of the Day from Lifehacker. Ooh, I like that so much.

How to be fabulous — a clip from Party Monster, which I just saw!

The Collector & Master of Fashion interview, both about Iris Apfel, one of the most incredibly stylish & eccentric women ever!

Engineer Life: Set Up Habit Changes So It’s Hard to Fail & 10 Tasty, Easy and Healthy Breakfast Ideas from ZenHabits.

5 Simple Solutions to Make You Stop Complaining About Exercise from Diethack.

8 Foods You Should Eat Daily For Optimum Health from Beauty Snob.

Do You Recognize These 10 Mental Blocks to Creative Thinking? from Copyblogger.

Finally, I found this incredible video via Liberty Post. It’s about Elle Muliarchyk, a model & artist who gets her kicks taking photographs in dressing rooms. You should definitely watch this, her photos are amazing & the anecdotes are fabulous! I love it!