Carousel — Week Ending 22nd February 2008

Bettie Page on a carousel!

Yay, distractions to get you through Friday!

Doctor of Sexology — A Profile of Dr John Money.

Money says pornography, contrary to persisting beliefs, is not “contagious” and isn’t going to make you do anything you didn’t want to do anyway. “The only kind of pornography you can like is that which corresponds to your own lovemap. An example I give in lectures is that I could shut you up in a room for five hours of coprophilia movies and there’s no chance you’d eat %&$# sandwiches for breakfast in the morning.”

Why We Love Who We Love by Dr Joyce Brothers.

Epicurious reviews Marilyn Manson’s absinthe.

Blogging For Money by Steve Pavlina. A very important read for anyone who runs a blog & wants to make money from it!

Mix your own make-up palette, a demonstration from Domino magazine.

Celebrity houses! A huge thread on the Fashion Spot forums (best fashion-related forums ever). 36 pages, featuring the interior tastes of Sarah Jessica Parker, Greta Garbo, Vera Wang, Gwen Stefani, etc. So interesting! I love to see how people live & what they do with their money.

I Love You, But You Love Meat from the New York Times. An article on dietary needs within relationships. So cool.

An interview with Helmut Newton.

Love advice for the terminally perplexed is now available 24/7 at baffld!

Our ever-changing hues, an article from The Age about colour.

“People coming out of depression often respond well to green. Yellow is associated with spiritual clarity, but also warning – some people find it too confronting. Blue is a cooler colour that stimulates introspection. Purple is a push-pull colour: people are never lukewarm about it.” Red, she suggests, calls for balance: a bedroom that sees a lot of passion won’t need red, but it can be a plus if the action is lacking.

30 Fundamentals Of A Wonderful Life from I Will Change Your Life.

My new favourite Livejournal: k17k. Weird & beautiful photos galore!

Did any of you watch the last season of Australia’s Next Top Model? For anyone who did, Jordan Loukas (the cute girl with great eyes) just starred in her own show called Runway To L.A.. You can see the episodes here. Yay!

Vogue covers! Thank you, Nubby! (I have #21 hanging up in the iCiNG Bowl!)

G-spot research! Italian researchers have found that women who experience vaginal orgasms in the G spot are anatomically different from those who do not!

Pucker up & read through Affairs of the Lips: Why We Kiss from Scientific American.

Library staircase! DREAMY!

Finally, I love Slug (from Atmosphere) so much. So should you. Read his advice column! If you need persuading…

Due to the way your question is worded, I feel like your parents may have left you with a twisted outlook on “happily-ever-after.” Join the f-cking club, and only marry for love. Anything else won’t work. Besides, your child will benefit more from learning what happy looks like alone, rather than what misery looks like embraced.

This is a video of him & Ant. Watch!