Carousel — Week Ending 22nd May 2009

This article, Dirty Dancing, about a guy in Detroit cleaning up a strip-club with a bad reputation, is totally fascinating.

Cat excitedly recommended this Fashion & Zen podcast for all nonpareils!

Zo makes her triumphant return to the world of big hair & big shoes. Holla!

Mystic Medusa asks do you really care about shoes? Her theory is that Virgos, Cancers, Capricorns & Taureans are the ones who are most into it… What do you think?

Rachel Zoe answers Twitter questions from the Times Online. (I do love her.)

I like looking for “bathroom graffiti” on Flickr sorted by “most interesting”.

Laetitia Casta, I love you.

If you can’t make it to Soundset this weekend, DJ Concept made a Soundset ’09 mixtape which you can play over & over & over until your ears start bleeding.

You can download a free audiobook with this promo courtesy of IndieFeed.

I love this song. Thanks Sam!

& because I love Luis… You should check out Pretty Much Amazing! & you know it.

Chanel Fall 2009: Focus On Accessories

The reviews for this shirt cannot be beat. Who knew it contained such magic?! (Thanks andeenero!)

My Life Is Average cracks me up. (Merci beaucoup, fialka!)

People percussion kind of stuff?! (Link via catmet!)

55 Ways To Get More Energy by Zen Habits. (Kisses to SodaDreamer!)

& I really dig The Drama Button! Yes! I want to keep it open all the time now, just like rinsoundtrack does!

P.S. Get out of the house this weekend! Some ideas: lie in the grass, drink an enormous milkshake, make a video of you & your best friend pouting & being beautiful, buy a box of fortune cookies & post them individually to people you know, go & choose crystals in a new age store, buy a guide book to a place you’ve always wanted to visit, fall in love.