Carousel — Week Ending 23rd February 2007

Tokyo fashion tips for spring, from Tokyomade! They’ve compiled information from Cutie, Zipper & Kera magazines so we can all know what’s going to be on the street in Japan!

If you’re in Melbourne, the Melbourne Museum is hosting My Sister’s Wardrobe, a huge clothing swap happening on the 10th of March. You need to call to reserve your place (& last I heard there were only about 40 tickets left), but basically you can swap as many pieces as you bring (maximum 6 per person). I’m so there!

What happened to Jeffey Sebelia of Project Runway fame? An interesting article from New York Magazine.

Finally, four cuties — three from Face Hunter & one from the Sartorialist — for your perving pleasure:

This girl has the beautiful-est hair ever. Sob.

Cute boy in a stylish outfit — he is wearing braces DIAGONALLY across his body! WhoooOOooOah, the boy is cRaZy! (Great eyebrows too.)

This girl is adorable. The outfit is deceptively simple but by jingo, it works.

Jayne Mansfield lives! Love the hair, the flower, & the dress. Glamour Barbie!