Carousel — Week Ending 23rd October 2009

Happy Friday!

David Thorne is funny. Thanks Elise! Mwah!

Mental Illness Awareness Australia is a group started by nonpareil Alana. I thought you should know about it. She says…

“I have recently lost a friend as a result of her mental illness, and I have been inspired to try and create change as a part of my grieving process. I have recently created a group on Facebook called “Mental Illness Awareness Australia” with a little bit of info and some important links to the websites of many organisation.”

Reading James Arthur Ray’s Sweat Lodge Disaster Through A Magickal Lens from Beyond Growth is really interesting. The comments are pretty incredible too.

Should you quit your job? from the Huffington Post.

Tim Walker + Malgosia Bela = yummy. Teacup headphones! Hello!

Interview with a real vampire from Time Out New York. Um… yeah? I like the comments best though. Hahah.

I’m so damn tired of you so-called vampires giving interviews.

I love Jamie Oliver. He is a good egg, you know?

Lenaah takes beautiful photographs, you should look through her Flickr stream & do some swooning.

Have I linked this before? If I haven’t, I apologise. Five Rules For Life. Get on it!

Best (& Worst) Cities To Meet Men from The Daily Beast. Atlanta tops the list, with Boston, Seattle, San Francisco & Minneapolis/St Paul taking the other top spots. What do you think? I don’t know if I agree…

An except from Rob Brezsny’s Pronoia Is The Antidote For Paranoia, World Kiss. (Sounds a lot like a Love Letter To The Universe, hmm?!)

To do the World Kiss, conjure up your most expansive feelings of tenderness — like what you might experience when you’re infatuated with a lover or when you gaze into the eyes of your newborn baby for the first time — and then blow kisses to all of creation.

The f*cking word of the day: “it’s easier to learn with sex, drugs & swearing.” Truth!

More geographical dating stuff: rating male lovers by country, via Violet Blue. American men rank 5th worst? “Too rough”? Pfftttttt. So, in the name of research (ahem, ahem!) what country was your best lover from?

Betsey Johnson won a National Arts Club award for her lifetime achievement in fashion. Not too tricky to see why…

“You have to love it through hell and high water, drought and feast,” she said. Complacency is the death knell of talent, she warned. In contrast to being asleep on the job, designers need to catalyze their fears, she explained. “There is an excitement about having nightmares.”

Your neighbourhood in six words or less. Great comments. NYC-centric, but funny even if you don’t know where they’re talking about.

Hahahah! I love you Jay-Z!

Alice Taylor on piracy.

Restricting access restricts a person’s ability, as a creator, to be discovered. We must embrace accessibility, and think open and global. Think spreadable and shareable. Perhaps free, perhaps not: see what works.

How to conceal spots on your chest. Zoe, you are the best. No one ever teaches you this stuff.

101 great ways to pack meaning into a lifetime is pretty touching.

Diversify Your Self from the Harvard Business blog. Please read this.

Finally, here’s a cute interview with P.O.S..

GN: You have the word ‘optimist’ tattooed across your fists. How did that tattoo come about, and do you really see yourself as an optimist?

P.O.S.: I do see myself as an optimist – I always have. Of course it’s depressing when there’s negative things going on the world and negative things going on in my lyrics, but the overall feel and overarching theme to both my life and the music is pulling out of it and making it work. The tattoo came about because my roommate, Jon Grider, who is a known stencil artist around — well, actually the world these days — said he thought “optimist” was the toughest thing you could get tattooed on your knuckles. I totally agreed. He picked the word, I picked the typeface. And then we both went out and got ’em.

American Booty by Chris Young.

Sean from the Heiruspecs sent me this on the weekend.Heiruspecs live at First Ave, nice!

Christian Louboutin on the trapeze. Holla!