Carousel — Week Ending 24th April 2009


Hello. So the first order of business today is my impassioned plea to get you to vote for my AMAZING friend Neil’s FANTASTIC blog, 1000 Awesome Things — which you have seen me mention a million times — to win a Webby award. Here are some reasons why you should vote for him.

1. His website rules, makes people laugh & is a celebration of the small, wonderful things which make our lives so much better. That’s the sort of thing the internet needs more of.
2. He’s really excited about being nominated, & it’s totally cute.
3. His name is Neil. How many people do you actually know with the name Neil these days? Not too many.
4. He once called me on the telephone & introduced himself as “Neil… from the internet”.
5. He is from Canada.
6. I am going to stay at his house sometime next month & if he thinks I have been helpful to him in winning a Webby award he will probably be much nicer to me, & may not lock me in his basement with nothing but a water dish for company!!!

Okay, now that you have been convinced by my winning argument, please go here & vote! Once you’re done clicking, please close your eyes & imagine me grabbing your face & smooching both cheeks. MWAH!

Alright, now onto the rest of this guff…

Overheard in New York delivers. I cannot tell you how hard I laughed at this.

Hagebutten picks the best of street style. Lots of yummy pictures for your perusal!

There was a conference the other day in New York featuring a whole lot of clever people (as conferences tend to do). Well, Linda Tischler put together the major points of the conference into an article: 13 Tried & True Practices For Making Ideas Happen.

Sean Bonner is cool. Changing the world in 5 easy steps – Do something you love rather than something that pays the bills & Guilt are both good reads.

Boardgame cakes from Cake Wrecks!

Dear Man Whose Marriage I Wrecked, via Nightmare Brunette.

Sassisam posts delicious underwater photography.

Violet Blue participated in a sexual education course about stereotypes & assumptions with regard to sexual orientation the other night — & took photos of the brainstorming that went on. It’s extremely interesting. For example, some of the assumptions about a bisexual female: “pink underwear, gay for pay, Burning Man, tattoos, can’t decide, confused, pedicure”. Straight female: “gold digger, uptight, repressed, cougar, waxed, pointy-toed shoes”. Pretty eye-opening, actually!

Ten by Dallas Clayton. You have a point there my friend.

Want to find out what kind of girl (or guy) the object of your affections is into? Check their Venus. My Venus is in Leo & for the record… yes. Yes, yes, yes. My Venus is in Leo & I always go for loud performers, anyone who dominates the room, leader of the pack types. Cannot help myself!

Death to unicorns! …Did I say that out loud?!

My friend Ms Fitz is a stylist in Australia & her blog is a fabulous show-&-tell of all the shows, shoots & brilliant things she gets up to. It’s very colourful & very inspiring!

Old faithful Steve Pavlina wrote Productivity 101. Stuff we all already know, but need to be reminded of.

“The people who are doing what they love were also scared. They could all come up with the same excuses. But at some point they decided it was unacceptable to have their lives dictated by fear, so they opted to face their fear and push through it. They decided to overcome their problems instead of turning them into excuses. Those who remain stuck still allow their fear to rule them.”

Beautiful Agony: facettes de la petite mort. Otherwise known as… orgasm faces. Shhhhh! (Thanks, Natalie!)

Hold The Line by Major Lazer feat. Mr Lexx & Santigold is great. Listen, listen!

My friend Dawn has a cute Tumblr.

Girls Are Pretty is quite amazing.

Easy (*cough*) Weight Loss by my friend Peter.

Spin interviews Cat Power. This is a really old interview, & I have loved Cat Power for years, but I never knew much about Chan herself. In this she talks about going to rehab for alcoholism, having hallucinations, learning to look after herself & moving on & up. Pretty incredible stuff.


I love Rove & you should too.