Carousel — Week Ending 24th August 2007

Here’s an assortment of goodies to keep you entertained on a Friday!

Food cravings & what they mean from Naturopathy Works. This chart shows what you think you’re craving, what your body REALLY wants, & the most effective way to get it. Such a good list, definitely one to bookmark!

I received an email from Sophia at Hearst Digital Media the other day, letting me know that you can now read your favourite magazines on your cellphone, FREE! It knocked my socks off. Plug any of the following URLs into your phone & enjoy!,,,,,,, or

18 Practical Tips For Living The Golden Rule from Zen Habits.

Be Yourself, by Janice Breen Burns for The Age newspaper. READ THIS! It is thrilling to see that conventional fashion writers are catching up to what many of us have been saying for a while… Wink wink!

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Introduce Their New Line, The Row from New York Magazine. Sorry, I am a blatant fan-girl… but it’s worth reading!

“They don’t wear clothes that are conspicuously slutty or sexy or easy to predict. Even though supermarket tabloids condemn them to worst-dressed lists, fashion people are obsessed with their arms-open embrace of the industry’s avant-garde. They experiment with proportion and silhouette. They mix vintage and new, labels and non. They’ve raised accessorizing to a form of high, glamorous art. If the Olsens’ style resembles anyone at all, it’s not Lindsay Lohan or Mandy Moore or any of their other presumptive peers—they dress like sittings editors at French Vogue.”

Design your life: some advice from Design Is Mine. Lots of cool tips for adding some superior design to your life.

22 Secrets to Discovering Your Dream and Living It & 30 Ways To Transform Your Career, both from Dumb Little Man.

Burning Man & Safer Sex by Ms. Violet Blue. “Free your mind, but watch out for crabs.” Sooooo funny, but also good advice.

& finally, the lovely beauty editor at Cosmopolitan Australia (hi, Leigh!) sent me a link to this marvellous beauty website, Fruity Beauty! I’m mad about it. It’s written by a girl who knows her stuff — have a read!