Carousel — Week Ending 24th October 2008

CarouselPhoto by Timmy Kern!

Welcome to Friday, gorgeous! VoilĂ , a bumper edition of Carousel for ultimate procrastinatory purposes!

Tina Su writes about How To Overcome Resentment. I love Tina! I want to give her a big hug! Come to New York, little lady!

On that subject… Overheard In New York: Well I’ve been trying to cut back on MSG, toughest granny ever & umbrella cheer!

I discovered a whole bunch of great new blogs on Sunday… Sex Work 101 is committed to educating the public about sex work in all its various forms. It’s super interesting & an awesome cause. From there I stumbled onto Do You Have Sex With Your Clients? (And other reader questions for the Dominatrix) as well as Sex Work: 14 answers to your questions.

fluo kids is a music blog, mostly in French, & I like it very much.

The BridgeMaker is a personal development blog with some great pieces like A Guide to Creating Success | 24 Essential Actions You Can Do Beginning Today, 7 Must-Have Personal Growth Strategies & 45 Tips for a Happier, Simpler and More Productive Life.

JAK & JIL BLOG is written in all caps, but features the best best best of model street style. I love it.

debauchette (& her tumblr): “I write about sex and I live in New York.” I especially liked advice for aspiring call girls. Oh, & by the way, NSFW!

Eyeliner at the beach — why not?

This photo is so cool: Just a Different Perspective.

Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet Tour Book pictures. Honestly, these photos kind of make me want to join a gym.

I’m sure I’ve linked this before but I still love it… Online tarot readings for all!

The Top 20 Things Oprah Knows for Sure.

This made me laugh… New York Cheat Sheets.

Ctrl Alt Del Tea Set! Nerd-o-rama!

If you find mornings tough, you’re not alone. Thankfully, someone has come to the rescue with a daily roller-boogie mp3 emailed straight to your inbox! If that doesn’t start your day off right, nothing will…

10 Steps To Be The Brand You Want In Life is fantastic.

Melvin Sokolsky took photos of women in bubbles & flying over tables & stuff!

20jazzfunkgreats is an awesome music blog. LOVE IT. Subscribe now! I especially like this remix of Phil Collins’ I’m Not Moving. The description is what got me: “It sounds like Phil Collin’s under water / in outer space / inside a volcano.”

Pretty Much Amazing! is another music blog. Yay!

Beautiful & Depraved is a faaaairly pornographic collection of pictures found all over the web. So don’t click the link at work or if graphic depictions of sexuality upset you! Consider yourself warned!

Three of my favourite people in one article — Karl Lagerfeld, Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen — talking about family planning, tight jeans & models.

Flickr photos tagged “love note”. Add your own! (& if you don’t have anyone to write you cute notes — boo! — write them to yourself!)

Ben Westwood Stages Protest with Fetish Models: “Erotic photographer Ben Westwood, Vivienne Westwood’s son, staged a protest featuring bound-and-gagged models in fetish clothing at the House of Commons yesterday.” Awesome. Props.

Eye Heart Glasses is a brand SPANKING new blog started by my super-cute friend Jo. It’s all about, you guessed it, glasses! Cute ones, weird ones, hot people in them, & where to buy the best. (Plus there are photos of her & her glasses collection, & she is totally hot & adorable.)

For those of you who enjoyed my overview of Parisian style earlier this week, check out Paris Style Report – L’Automne from Une femme d’une certain age!

Influence by Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen is going to be AMAZING! Look! Squeal! Delight!

I found this via my beautiful wife/husband! 50 Ways To Improve Your Productivity As A Freelancer. Good for anyone who works from home or even anyone with a big project. So useful, love it!