Carousel — Week Ending 25th April 2008

How To Deal With Hateful Comments On Your Blog — a post I wrote for Problogger in response to a reader question.

The Bloody Truth — feminine hygiene and the menstrual cycle. Not a pretty topic but pretty interesting!

Pictures! Photographs by Nico, lots of glamorous photos to get you in the mood for summer, David Lachapelle does disaster chic & Paradise Lost by Ellen Von Unwerth (NSFW).

Galliano lurve!

My friend Dr Hitchcock regularly interviews me for his radio show Mixtape Connection in Christchurch, & you can listen to it here! Woohoo!

If you want to watch Australia’s Next Top Model (which has just started airing over here), have a squizz! My favourites so far? Alexandra (loves fashion, is a bit of a snob [my favourite girls are always the arrogant ones on any Top Model show] & fell asleep with a book of Kafka on her head — totally gets my vote), Jamie (beautiful face), Caris (very pretty) & Leiden (really minxy). Who do you like?

I love Cary Tennis, forever & ever. My boyfriend won’t give me his apartment key & how can I get a writing job? (plus letters) are both good reads.

Look Book — A collection of New Yorker covers celebrating fashion & style, from the nineteen-twenties to today.


Ask Nubby #2: 13 Steps to a Successful Blog-Based Business… & she would know! Lots of Nubby love!

Oh, & if you want to be part of a study on blogger/reader relationships, a gal named Bo is doing a bit of research! Have a read of this…

“Do you have a favourite blogger that you want to talk about? I am an Honours student from the University of Queensland, Australia and I am conducting an email-based survey that looks at the experiences that blog readers have with their favourite bloggers. To take part in this research you cannot be a blogger yourself and you cannot know the blogger offline. Please note that for ethical and legal issues you MUST be 18+ years of age and an Australian Citizen to partake in this research. If this sounds like you and you would like to participate in this original and exciting research project then please email Bo. All inquiries are very much appreciated!”

We’re seeing Matt & Angela tomorrow… woohoo!

Your genes are not your fate!