Carousel: Week Ending 25th June 2010


Pffftttt! Doing what you’re told to is overrated! Take a day off. Or at least a short mental holiday while you peruse the following… I collected these with you in mind, you know! So enjoy!

Me in my place is a sexy (but safe for work!) Tumblr. I like the concept a lot & I’m looking forward to seeing how it develops!

5 tips for taking a mini-retirement. Oh Tim Ferriss, you have a lot to answer for.

I found this interview with Sera Beak at Lipstick Mystic. Sera Beak is good people!

Did I link to this already? Either way, I apologise, ’cause it’s a goodie: Money can buy happiness if you spent it right.

OH PETITE LOLA is a fabulous (new) blog all about lingerie! Yummy! Good to see I am not the only knicker obsessive around here!

Wake up, wake up, the British are coming! & they’re wearing RAD hats. There are few things better than a stellar hat. My mother always told me that if you wanted to be remembered, you should wear a hat. She is right. More photos here!

What’s the Nastiest Thing You’ve Ever Seen on the Subway? The things people will divulge to get a free subway pass. Though it is more like group therapy at this stage. Only read it if you possess a strong stomach!

I love Rachel Zoe’s 20 fab beauty finds under $25! Everyone loves good, inexpensive beauty products… don’t they?

These photos — inside a wave — are extremely beautiful.

AH! Thomas Allen makes pulp artwork & it is sexy/fantastic.

These graphics follow the migratory patterns of Americans. Interesting, no? America: Where Are You Moving From?

Baby names have long-lasting effects, for better or worse. No big surprises there. All the more reason to change your name if you don’t like it! Ding ding ding!

Accumulating research has shown a strong link between a person’s like or dislike of his or her name and high and low self-esteem, respectively.

This page on the symbolism of Ganesh is really interesting & cool.

These photos of a Tokyo fashion party are way too cool not to share!

Kandee the make-up artist is my newest internet discovery & I couldn’t be happier! She is a magnificent make-up artist, her video tutorials rule (I have been using her beach make-up one for the past few days, because it is so damn hot that too much make-up is a waste of time anyway, & it looks A- to the MAZING) & she has such a great, vibrant personality! I am a huge, instant fan.

Escaping? From what? Your pain? Or your power? Danielle La Porte knows what’s up.

Not Safe For Work. Today, I realize the truth — that it is not sex work that society fears is dangerous, but sex workers.

Katrina is a nonpareil with a passion for nailpolish! I can’t believe the stuff she creates & finds, especially for a glitter-fiend like myself. Let’s Go Sparkling!

A review of my favourite album ever, Disintegration by The Cure.

Disintegration has been described as a sequel to 1982’s wrist-slitting fan favourite, Pornography. Yet the two albums are very different. Pornography is dense, claustrophobic and virtually tuneless- in the best possible sense. Turgid and deliberately ugly, drowning in self-pity and occasionally lashing out with bursts of savage loathing, Pornography sounds like depression feels: sucking all positive energy into a black hole of utter negativity. But Disintegration is spacious and melodic, and filled with moments of great beauty. Its pace is stately and elegiac. Bells twinkle like stars in the midnight sky; melodic basslines weave their way through the gentle sadness of sighing guitars and keyboards that rise up like glaciers. Certainly, to the unaccustomed ear, there is doom and gloom aplenty; the abyss is never far away. But this is the Cure we’re talking about, after all. These things are relative. Disintegration is a melancholy record, but not a depressed one.

I’m in love with this favela painting by Haas&Hahn.

I love photographs of abandoned hotels. Don’t you? There are few things more fascinating than abandoned spaces. I always wonder what it was like in its hey-day, what happened in its downfall & who has visited since. Having said that, check out abandoned hotels of the Catskills borscht belt!

HIRED: David Barton Gym. Two of my favourite things — MTV reality television & David Barton. Nice!

The Durex heroes are excellent.

Remember how Tila Tequila did her show about how she was a shock! horror! bisexual looking for love? Yeah, she was one-upped a little while ago. A Double Shot At Love is about bisexual TWINS looking for love. Oh lord. You can watch it at the link. I couldn’t make it through more than a minute but you might fare better than me!

Bees swarm honeycomb Jesus. I like this! A lot!

This gigantic crystal bathtub makes my little heart go pitter-patter.

This looks incredible!