Carousel — Week Ending 25th May 2007

How To Plan Your Very Own Vintage Roadtrip from Fashion Is Spinach.

Stylish people, as always, from Facehunter.

I like this & I suspect you will too.

Amazing, award-winning hair! features excerpts from The Babysitter’s Club (omg!) about what Claudia was wearing. SO GOOD, in fact, almost genius.

1960’s beauty tips from blackcigarette.

Europe’s Fictional Fashion Faux Pas — how not to look like an American tourist while you’re on holiday! (Though really, as long as you avoid khaki pants, big white sneakers, a baseball cap & a “fanny pack”, you’re pretty safe.)

I found this girl on, dustfromamoth, & fell head-over-heels for her writing. Here are some of my favourite pieces: fluffy duck; honey jumbles; nobody sends snail mail anymore; my self portrait; the right way to take a bath; the art of looking sideways (good quotes); the empty notebook; star language; Melbourne; Lolita.