Carousel — Week Ending 26th December 2008

Oh my! This the last Carousel of the year! Awwww!

Every Friday, someone asks me how I find all the links for my weekly round-up of the most magical, hilarious, ridiculous & thought-provoking things on the web. As a Christmas treat, I give you… a screen-cap of my Google Reader.

Google Reader

Ahem! Okay… Here we go…

What a dude.

Here’s how Paris Hilton is dealing with the recession. Sooooo funny.

10 Reasons It Would Rule To Date A Unicorn. Two people sent this to me, & I can just see that now that I’ve said I like them, I am going to be sent links about unicorns until the end of time. Like cupcakes. Oh yes.

Coco Rocha has a blog. Even better, she seems totally likeable. Bonus!

I feel like I shouldn’t laugh at this, because it’s so pessimistic, but I can’t help it. Hahahah.

Pretty. Ditto. Also. Yup.

Stickers & Donuts is a really cute blog.

This photoshooot is insanely creepy but I love it.

This actually made my jaw drop.Thanks, Jake!

Angeliska writes about the winter solstice, as only she can.


This video by Hilary Duff — yes, really — is actually kind of cool.

The Thinking Man’s Take On: Making A Mixtape from Pretty Much Amazing!

Personal blogs to watch:

You should start watching Privileged (click for the promo). It is amazing. “Oh, & P.S.? I puke cuter than that outfit you’re wearing.”

This is so weird, I don’t even know where to begin.Again, thanks (I think?!) Sam.

Julie & her friend Atsushi were awesome for Christmas.

Haute Macabre just keeps getting better & better.

If Marilyn Monroe Was A Blogger What Would She Do? A guest-post on Problogger.

Guy Kawasaki is fantastic. Have a look at Everything I Need to Know About Entrepreneurship I Learned From My Comrades in Moscow & How to Use Twitter as a Twool.

Tina Su is pretty damn good, too. The Art of Building Self-Esteem & How To Achieve Anything are both great reads.

The best of Jamie Oliver

…& David Attenborough.

I really like swissmiss, & this post of hers makes me want to go to Switzerland really badly! Maybe I could take Nubby for our anniversary?! She also re-posted this thing about how NYC is like the internet, which made me smile. Also, when you get popular because of your blog, should you post about it ON your blog? One guy doesn’t think so. (Most other people seem to think otherwise.)

Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh! This time next year, I’m going to post a photo just like that. Swoon!

American Apparel have taken the leap to totally naked advertisements — well, except for the socks. Good things? The ads are shot by a woman, & the girls have pubic hair. I think both of those things are pretty awesome & positive. By the way, in case you couldn’t guess, that link is not safe for work! (But who’s at work today? Not safe for opening in front of Grandma, perhaps! NSFOIFOG!)

My life would be much easier if I could read your mind.