Carousel: Week Ending 26th February

Oh my god! Look at the date! THEORETICALLY, Radical Self Love month is almost over. But rules were made to be broken. I have lots more to say on the subject… So we’re extending it. Stay tuned! MWAH!

Anyway, here are some things I thought you might like!

Sam sent me this link to a pirate wedding… Cute! I like the way they’ve done this, because it is totally not tacky, even though it would have been really easy to go in that direction. Self-discipline is the key!

How To Order, aka Steve Pavlina’s Guide To Manifesting Absolutely Anything (TM)! I don’t think this is a perfect guide to manifesting things (I should totally write about that, huh?), but it’s an okay intro. wrote to me a little while ago, saying they wanted to give me — & you! — 30% off all purchases! Enter GALA30 at checkout, & it expires March 1st, so don’t delay! They have great, inexpensive rings & jewellery… A magpie’s dream!

Style Like U is a rad look into closets around the world. & who doesn’t want to look into other people’s closets?!

Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush is amazing & an essential for any international playgirl! (Thanks for the links, Latha baby!)

Seablanket is adorable & rad. She is my new hero (making me a customised feather headdress!!!) & look how cute she is!

The perils of justifying yourself from my favourite Canadian superhero, Danielle LaPorte. (Loooooove you!)

This is so good for self-employed smarties: Do-It-Yourself PR: Press Release 101. Worth bookmarking!

From Trend De La Creme: When a unicorn vomits below the belt & why post it when you can finger it? Haha!

Sex At The Museum: Swingers In Vienna Art Hall from NPR.

In the name of art, an Austrian landmark is encouraging visitors to confront their sexual inhibitions by having them walk through a swingers club to reach one of Gustav Klimt’s masterpieces.

Dating Tips for Introverted Women: 6 Ways to Get Past Your Shyness via StyleCaster.

Overplot is Overheard In New York… plotted on a map. Cool.

The Burberry show was amazing & you can watch it right here! I was so inspired by this show. I was very lucky to be invited to attend the 3D screening in New York (along with like, Hamish Bowles & Cathy Horyn, um, wow) & the music plus the clothing plus the scent in the room all came together to create this really marvellous experience. I am going to write all about it for ChinaShop, so don’t fear! Anyway, in the meantime, watch the show. It really was excellent.

Makeunder: How & Why. Thanks, Catherine!

18 Awesome David Caruso Memes. Okay, I don’t watch stupid crime shows & I don’t like David Caruso, but god, this is so funny… The Dish & I looked at them together & cried from laughing so hard. If you don’t click anything else, you should click this one. Promise.

Veronica iBarra is a fab photographer, & she posts lots of inspiring images too.

11 Characteristics of Highly Influential Blog(ger)s says what most of us already know… But it is sure is useful to have a reminder!

Body scale with affirmations instead of numbers! Yes! Even better, it is pink & fluffy!

“Totally like whatever, you know?” via Coilhouse. Mer got some flack for this piece. I don’t think she is a “snob”. I may be biased because I love the pants off of her, but still. To the haters, I say, “WHATEVER!” Hee.

David Barton Talks: Unfashionable Drinks. I love David Barton & I love his gym. He is nuts (in the best way possible) & his gyms are like hanging outside inside giant pieces of living, breathing art. His gyms have a Twitter account now, too — @lovetraindbgym!

Astro-Fashion – Russia Vogue Does Virgo, Gemini & Pisces… from Mystic Medusa. So funny! Yes, the Virgo one is appropriate. I dressed as a rubber nun for hallowe’en in 2008!

Feel like editing your consciousness? Maybe you need Spray To Forget!

SPRAY TO FORGET is a conceptual and functional product based on the possibility that “a substrate to physical reality exists, and that it can be deterministically altered and influenced by human intention.” – Duncan Laurie, The Secret Art … SPRAY TO FORGET functions as a beneficial editor for one’s consciousness, removing undesired memories from the user’s psyche via supported intent. Reed Seifer proposes that “in order to forget, we must remember something else. Spray to Forget acts as a conceptual sideways-elevator, nudging the unconscious to release a difficult memory and replace it with a more appealing one, or to create a new memory through experience… It also happens to smell quite good.” … While based in concept, SPRAY TO FORGET utilizes well-researched ingredients in support of its function. An aesthetic olfactory experience is provided through a blend of essentials oils selected for their reputed aroma-therapeutic benefits in grounding and elevating the emotions. Herkimer diamonds and black tourmaline, crystals believed to metaphysically assist in the elimination of tension from the body, were steeped for several days in the purified, magnetized water used to create the spray.

DEALBREAKERS: you don’t reciprocate oral sex & you’re creepy. Aahahahah.

Hard hitting news? I’ve got your hard hitting news right now… Rise In Teen Pregnancy Proves Teens Still Got It & Former Prom King Now Living Anonymously Among Commoners

Are non-smokers smarter than smokers? from Reuters.

Hells Angels may hold key to pirate hero Störtebeker’s missing skull!

Would you ever contribute to I Just Made Love!?

Prohibited advertising campaigns. NSFW! Also the banner ads on this site are kind of… not charming, so consider yourself warned!

BME has been holding a competition to find a Tour Intern! Basically this person would be involved in going around the world with BME, documenting body modification culture. Rad, right?! Well, nonpareil Kaelahbee is a finalist! VOTE FOR HER or I will hunt you with a big stick! Watch her video, she is so cute & totally deserves it. Go Kaelahbee!!!

A Shocking Instance of Self-Discovery from Raptitude. This was a great read, I think a lot of us can identify!

The Dark Side Of Blogging: When Free Gets Ugly. Every blogger needs to read this. NEEDS. TO. READ. THIS. EVERY BLOGGER! YOU HEAR ME?!

Frisky Q&A: Angie Jackson, The Woman Who Live-Tweeted Her Abortion. Okay, okay, I know. That sounds really horrifying. When I first read that title, I made a face. But then I read the article & I think she is to be commended. Check it out.

I think any time that we are silent about things or secret about things, it is unhealthy. I say this as a sexual abuse survivor. When I stopped keeping secrets [about the sexual abuse] and starting telling somebody, life got better…

10 Examples of Tremendous Business Leadership. Leadership as a concept is so interesting. Here are some anecdotes about leadership done properly.

5 Fashion Designers’ Beauty Secrets from Marie Claire. Including Rodarte! Nice background on how they put together the beauty looks for their shows.

Tarina Tarantino at her beauty launch, awww! So happy for her. & did you see her beauty brand is stocked at Sephora now?!

1000 Awesome Things: #566 Unforgettable friends.


I love Drew Barrymore.