Carousel — Week Ending 26th January 2007

It’s Australia Day — a national holiday — but I’m still slaving away for you! Though I admit, I’m about to go & watch a rubber ducky race very shortly. Here are the highlights of the week for me:

Manolo profiles the most incredible Pucci boot I have ever seen. I strongly believe that any shoe that can make you smile is worth owning.

The Sartorialist found a girl in goth garb who manages to make it look stylish! Yay! I loooove the coat she has on underneath the cape. The cut is amazing. I think the reason it works is because her make-up is so light, as Mr. Sartorialist says. It keeps you guessing, which is really the way to do it.

Haute Couture Spring/Summer 07 from I Am Fashion. Looks like Galliano (designing for Dior) has been dreaming of geishas. Absolutely beautiful dresses. Wow, etc. If I was really pretentious, I would say something like, “a triumph”, but I’m not, so I won’t.

Fashion Horoscopes from iVillage. I love this stuff, especially because it’s completely ridiculous, & it tells me that as a Virgo, everything I own is in neutral tones…!

This girl looks amazing (from Face Hunter). I absolutely love her look — the ultra-modern haircut, the tattoos, the slick outfit. She just looks so HOT but at the same time, painfully elegant, & I have to say I rarely see women with tattoos who manage to pull this off.

Finally, Anna from New Zealand made a video of dying her mother’s hair (following the advice from here!) & pimps out my website! Yay!